Zoominfo responsible for all these Russian criminals coming after me!

Frank Pio Russo - November 19, 2018.

Zoominfo is a criminal organization that publishes all these fraudulent fake profiles about people, without their permission of course! Have you checked what sort of dishonest lies, they may have posted about you on the internet?

I have tried to get them to desist from their deceptive and lying activities for close to 20 years! They have actually stolen my identity at least 3 times in the past! More recently they maintain that I'm a business when I'm actually a semi-retired superannuant! They also claim I'm a multimillionaire earning 2.2 million dollars (US) per year, and having 11 employees! (In the past it was supposed to have been 4.4 million dollars and 12 employees).

Because of their lies I've had all sorts of women with fake profiles after me! (Especially on Facebook). Now lately, organized Russian criminal gangs have been after me also - thanks to the lies of these Zoominfo criminals! They've been setting-up fake profiles for women supposedly here in Australia, when the emails I've been receiving were actually originating from Moscow, right next to the Kremlin! (According to Geo-location software).

I've tried to get Google to stop collaborating with these criminals , but they appear to support their criminal behaviour and have refused to help! I've also appealed to the Australian authorities as well as Massachusetts Police (these criminals are based in Waltham MA). Just lately I've also asked for the President's help!

Hopefully these Zoominfo dishonest bastards are losing credibility, thanks to their lies being exposed!

"I was targeted once before at “naughtyDate.com” with many similarities to the episode on your site: the previous woman demanded to talk on my email, just like the current spy; also the previous woman was interstate, same as the current woman - and then she claimed she was extremely near to my place on business, and wanted to meet me to use me as her “fuck-buddy”.


In that previous case it was obviously a fake email address, because it didn’t exist on a Google search, nor did the woman’s name, nor did the woman’s supposed business interests! Furthermore once I accused her of being a scammer or spy, I received 2  fraudulent emails claiming to be from the site administrators demanding massive payment etc. (anyway the site had warned me that there were issues with that woman!)


Well yesterday (Saturday), I was contacted by “Isla” as one of your suggestions, well her English did not flow all that well despite her supposedly being a teacher, plus I sensed all this false pretence of modesty! Once again her email did not exist on a Google search, and neither did her name which I thought was rather strange for a teacher!???


Her profile name is Isla , a teacher of 60 years of age from Melbourne.


I received her first email this morning and it originated from Moscow , very close to the Kremlin! Look I haven’t outed her, I thought I’ d leave it to you to deal with it.


Frank Russo.



“was interested in one stranger. ;-). I would like to know about this stranger a little more. Do you like on that dating site?


You wrote to me that you worked before as a worker in the medical and veterinary sciences, until you resigned. You had a very good job before. I am pleased to know that you like your work. Every person should like the work at which he works.


To be honest, this is my first experience in the Internet correspondence. I don't even know where to start. Maybe this is all my shyness. My real name is Irina, and I'm 50 years old.

I used to be skeptical about dating on the Internet. But still decided to try ... Why did you decide to visit the dating site?

Tell me about yourself and your life. And send me your new photos.




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