Why Satan the Devil is the dumbest and most stupid moron in the history of the universe! And has thus always been too embarrassed to let us know the real truth about him!

Frank Pio Russo - January 12, 2019.

To get the overall picture, I actually read the whole Bible in record time, whilst still absorbing the meaning of all its content. This was a very significant accomplishment, for the simple reason that by the time most people end up finishing the reading of the New Testament, well they've actually totally forgotten most of the details from the Hebrew scriptures! Therefore they will never get the over-all picture of things.

To me, it's quite easy to work-out that the Bible is the product of satanic and demonic workmanship! As you read it from Genesis onwards, it becomes obvious that the text is supposedly relying on two strands, (or two different sources). One supposedly Yahwistic, in the sense that it contains the supposed divine name's Tetragrammaton i.e. YHWH, and the other presumably a priestly source containing "Adonay" - (i.e. Lord) - rather than the divine name. Now these strands often intertwine themselves, as if they are the Ying or the Yang, or Light and Darkness, meaning that supposedly the cosmic picture is that of a duality! (Some of you might have also noticed two different creation accounts, as well as two account of the flood!)

Now the biggest worry that I had as I read and absorbed the whole Bible, was the total lack of suspicion by the so-called Bible-writers! This to me was reminiscent of all the other holy men and prophets of ancient times, e.g. Zarathustra or Zoroaster, who was just fed info in a dark cave, with the aid of a bright light of some sort... thus leading to the Zoroastrian religion! Plus there's one other among many that's unmentionable, simply because its followers insist that he mustn't be a source of devotion, when the "retarded and inbred primitives" make it obvious that to them, he is the most important thing in their lives - far loftier than any imaginable God almighty!

Yes none of these rustic and possibly illiterate imbeciles, even considered that it could have been the Devil actually doing the talking to them! Actually, the ancient Jews who thought of themselves as possibly the brightest people around, were by far the dumbest! Being totally exploited and devastated by that "Old Nick". In fact they were so dumb as to not even be aware of the existence of an evil power! Now true, Jews are a very clever people today... however their claim to fame in the ancient world was very fortuitous, and simply due to the inception of the Phoenician alphabet extremely very early on, and this is why their culture flourished! (Plus of course allowing the Devil to use them and dispose of them as he felt like it - with no complaints by the 'morons'!)

Furthermore, it was thanks to the constant injection of quality genetic stock, that made them quite good - otherwise they were no better than the others, with family members constantly interbreeding! Yes people forget that the Jews of today are a religion, namely Judaism! And entry into such a religion, was quite often not for racial and genetic reasons, but purely religious - i.e.  the Rechabites, Ruth, Rahab, etc. So getting back to the earlier point, it was not till the Jews went into exile into Babylon, that they learnt about the existence of the Devil! And then they started to make-up for lost time, by  now attributing some earlier questionable things to the Devil, which in earlier writings they had made God  responsible for them!

I now want to introduce you to a revolutionary idea, and that is that the reason the Devil was given such a large scope and very great latitude, was because he was the first living creation by the Force after the Big Bang! In other words, he was God the Father in a magical primeval world! And being totally naive - or to put it less diplomatically - he was one of the dumbest and most stupid imbeciles that's ever existed in the history of our universe! He actually believed that he was 'the God', in a world of magic! All he had to do was to command the Force by speaking i.e. "Let there be Light!" etc. Well this idea that the Force is just something like electricity, that can be used by a central commanding personage, has persisted and endured the passage of millenniums! The supposed early Christians, which after the last article about N.T. plagiarization, become the early Christian apologists, also thought of the Spirit or Force as just a simple, unintelligent, and blind subservient force! In other words with the aid of the Trinity concept, the Holy Spirit was sort of a possession or emanation of the father to carry-out his work! (Plus some modern religions also teach likewise, e.g. Jehovah's Witnesses.)

Naturally though, eventually the Force revealed itself to the first and only creation he'd made! And asked this so-called "God" to show his ultimate obedience in committing suicide! Now this might sound evil and barbaric of the Force, however that is not a true assessment of the situation! The facts are that the universe was first conceived in the Force's mind - (which might be the actual universe anyway!) - and then it was wound backwards as the equivalent of a negativistic big crunch, to be followed by a positivistic big bang! And once the universe reversed back to about now - (or whenever the big change for the better was going to take place, positively speaking) - well there was a need for a negativistic, sort of evil being to run things... so as to wind back everything back to "zero" or the Big Bang, so that we could all be now conscious, as consciousness would change its polarity from negative to positive!

Obviously, this explains why the nature of Satan has always had a negativistic dimension to it! And what we can now observe of him, is purely a lifeless positive replication of all his previous negative actions! Yes his job was to introduce death and sickness, as well as evil, so as to shut the universe's consciousness right down to "zero"! Now perhaps it might make some sense! Satan was actually created in the backwards phase of our universe!

In conclusion then, in his forward phase, Satan appears to try and justify himself somewhat, by often trying to incite humans to commit suicide. He has maintained that no servant of God - possessing a healthy mind - would sacrifice himself for simply altruistic reasons, However, rest assured that he has definitely been proved wrong!

Frank Pio Russo.


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