Why the Devil needed Einstein so much that he decided to create him!

Written by Anonymous - August 08, 2016.

The Devil, the Demons, and all of its adherents - have a great predilection for negativistic behaviour... this is reflected in the lyrics and music of all of the pop and rock stars etc. Virtually all of these will often admit of their demonic patronage, as one star once plainly admitted it on the front page of a major news-paper! What's the motive behind this trend?

Well the Devil and all of his entourage are heading for destruction and annihilation, so in order to mislead everybody - he wants people to believe that it is he himself that's going to be victorious at the final showdown! This he has done by bamboozling everybody with the idea that - rather than time being simply a mirage caused by relative motion resultant from the expression of a force - it is real and tangible and can be reversed: and that he is the master of it! He even has many adherents who are willing to vainly sacrifice all their humanity and possessions, in the deluded hope that at their death they will become negativistic godlike spiritual beings... this he appears to have even done with a small section of Jehovah's Witnesses, who think that their destiny is in heaven as godlike beings... they are of course deluding themselves and coming under the influence of the Darkness!

Yes! The Devil would like people to think that after his so-called "victory", he and his cohorts would simply become negativistic beings - fully, by switching time backwards and starting off new creations in their image! For this manufactured illusion, he needed some sort of pseudo-scientific demi-god... this he managed to accomplish by using his Jewish media to concoct the Einstein myth!  Virtually everybody worships the latter, despite the fact that he was totally hollow and devoid of any substance - let alone any common-sense: very similar to his 'originator'!

Hence in essence, all this deluded people imagine that they would partake of the divine nature to the detriment of Christians etc, when unbeknown to them the whole system is on the same unholy dark side.

Yes an agent of the unknown supreme being is needed, to bring to nothing the Devil and all of his evil system... virtually everybody in this world is compromised! There used to be a lot of mystery amongst religionists as to what sin against the Holy Spirit was... was it a persistent sinner? Was it someone who was unable to repent? Was it perhaps someone who had committed the same sin 77 times? Or perhaps someone who had committed suicide...

Well there's now no longer any mystery... "sin against the Holy Spirit" is what one commits when he sells his life to the devil... i.e. joins the Dark side: be it for temporary intensified pleasures, or for any deluded privileges of power that the Devil might promise! Let everybody beware: the Evil One is working hard to win your services: Reject him and his ways!

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