Why is there a delicate balance between good and evil?

Frank Pio Russo - August 13, 2016.

The universal forces of good and evil usually appear very evenly balanced - so much so that most people imagine that they are indispensible to each other: synergistically dependant on each other like the biceps and the triceps are for moving the arm around... e.g like the ying and the yang, or light and darkness!

As the presumed Paul of Tarsus once said  of a trouble-maker in a Christian congregation: "Hand such a man over to Satan that he might be taught not to blaspheme"!... Likewise, presumably the Devil is supposed to have some sort of dominion over where most of the supposedly 'interesting' men of this world end up! Yes most Christians envisage an eternal immortal Devil, who in some ways is also omnipotent like "God". This is also the case in Zoroastrianism - a religion considered by most as far more interesting than Christianity - there the Devil is also immortal with his own dominion and people he's in charge of.

As for the Jews, they knew nothing about the Devil: all they knew was that Yahweh did all things, (e.g. made the Edenic snake talk - just like Balaam's ass). They of course learned otherwise when they ended up in Babylon and Persia for a while, and retrospectively wrote him into the older book of Job, by concocting both a prologue and an epilogue... (I vaguely think that the Job of the Greek Septuagint is missing about a quarter of today's Job's contents!).

As far as today's Christadelphians, they have the old primitive Israeli/Jewish view that it is God or Yahweh who's responsible for everything that goes on in our universe! Well they got one thing right - it's the same agency behind everything that goes on! However it is not God but rather the Devil that plays both sides at the moment! This is why there is such a delicate balance between good and evil: if you've ever played a chess game with yourself you'd know that unless you're very even-handed the game would not last very long at all!

The first time I read the Gospels, I was struck by the incredible civility between the demons being exorcised, and the supposed son of God: it was like a "mutual admiration society". I'll now give you a well known example from my father's generation that took place in Tufara Valle Caudina: apparently the famous priest called "The Stoccatore" exorcised a demon from a very possessed man... the latter's demon spoke to the priest in a very eerie scary voice saying: "I'll come out of this person, but I'll leave you with a very bad omen: before this Easter you'll have a great fall". Now if the demon supposedly had enough power to actually kill the priest, why did he feel compelled to obey the priest and vacate the body he was possessing! And by the same token, if the priest was really serving an almighty and all-powerful God - why did he succumb to the power of such a demon as he fell from a ladder on that Good Friday and was impaled by the shoulder of a chair!! Such idiocy should be picked-up and appreciated by everybody in this 'mad' world!

As I'm typing all of this I'm reminded of a brilliant point that Mr Civetta - a Matriculation Religious Instruction teacher - brought up against Jehovah's Witnesses' dogma: he wondered why the Devil goes along with the whole of the Bible's charade... why doesn't he let everybody be saved and the Bible proved wrong! Well the answer is that he himself is the inventor of the whole charade, rather than just a silly protagonist in it... (as well as the actual writer of the Bible)... he's playing both sides and portraying a silly and stupid God who's jealous and contemptible - when these are actually his own deadly qualities!!)

If it wasn't for the criminal way in which the Devil is picturing and misrepresenting the "Unknown True God", one could have argued that he's not actually evil but simply acting out his role as prosecutor in the heavenly court... this point has been made before in his defence, and is believed valid by some contenders.

In conclusion, I expect some climactic conclusion as the forces of evil get decimated... perhaps soon: there's Sodom and Gomorrah whichever way I turn, and the airways are not much different!

Frank Pio Russo.

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