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Sent: Sunday, 28 August 2016 4:03 PM
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Subject: Why Labor and the Greens are against the 'Gay Plebescite'!


Why Labor and the Greens are against the 'Gay Plebescite'!


The gay lobby is running scared that what I have maintained all along, might be valid! Namely that the agenda is being driven by media propaganda: gayness is learnt behaviour – there’s not an iota of doubt – and it’s being propelled by the TV and film industry ad nauseum… and all the gullible moronic half-wits are taking it up in great numbers!


However I still have some faith in the decency of the average population, and especially with the blue collar workers - who would be much less under the influence of the warped and corrupt media.


The only reason the distasteful and un-natural labour and green hierarchies are against it, is because they fear that when the deck of public opinion isn’t ‘stacked’ the way they want it… the public might vote their insanity down in a totally democratic way that no-one could quibble about!


Frank Pio Russo.