Why Jerusalem and the Jews are soon to be in a nuclear holocaust!

The firstborn of the force (in rank) - August 25 2018.

In 1982 the spirit mediums were all in unison as devil inspired, and predicted the victory for Italy in the world cup! Well Paolo Rossi went berserk and Italy did win! I guess I watched most of those games and was very sleep deprived by the end of the tournament... however what I'm about to tell you did not take place till early August 1982 and I do know the difference between reality and psychosis!

The TV which I believe was a Phillips 26 inch, was in the off position and it actually came alive and announced that a nuclear device had exploded in Jerusalem and made the startling observation that Armageddon had commenced! Now these days I don't read the Bible much, because it was written or planned by the god of the Jews - none other than the Devil (also known as YAHWEH)! Yet there is one very wise saying - I believe in Habakkuk or in Hosea - (actually I think it might be Hosea 4:3) - that says that the Force does not do anything unless it reveals it to its confidential servants first!

Now the usual position that Jehovah's Witnesses have taken about Armageddon, is that Gog of Magog or the Devil, will go after them! This however is rather stupid and is based on the spurious assumption that Jehovah's Witnesses are the real spiritual Jews... this claim is of course made in ignorance and assumes the Bible as the work of the Force - which it's not!

What most people don't realize is that the Force works from within, as its constituent subjects live inside our atoms already deep within our brain, and this is why a man of the Force does not need to hear voices like demonic schizophrenics do, nor does he need the Bible to tell him what to do!

The Jews aided by the supernatural Devil and Demons, have been the biggest troublemakers in history! I'm so glad that the Romans taught them a couple of grand lessons! Some individuals can still be okay, but as a class they are poisonous, and offspring of vipers! Now their holy book is a messianic manual, and if the supposed J.C. towards whom most of their animosity was supposedly directed, is actually a fable or myth - what does it all mean?

Well it means that it has a modern dimension, for as Bill Barbary said, it was pointless for a son of God to appear to a few primitive savages who were then all destroyed by the Romans leaving no actual witnesses to the event behind! Yes I guarantee you that it was no more than a description of the scientific struggle, between the real son of the force and the impostor: none other than the Jewish golden calf or idolatrous Albert Einstein! The Jews are the only ones who although I hardly ever see them on my website, have many times downloaded my whole website which nobody else does - why? Well perhaps to steal its contents or to set-up bogus duplicate websites! Who knows how devious demonic minds work sometimes!

I do know that in 2004 when my website was very popular, these bastard Jews moved in and censored it, and all these Hebrew characters made an appearance interspersed through my writings, so that you couldn't make any sense of what I was on about! Then when it became apparent to these moronic imbeciles that perhaps I was not the messiah they feared - they removed the censorship from my website! I enquired to Telstra and they said "the CIA has removed its censorship!"! However, once again, that is very misleading because - most people don't know this - but it's a scientific body called JASON which is full of Jewish scientists that tells the CIA what to do... (these include Richard Garwin who made the 1st hydrogen bomb and whose daughter was rejecting all my papers at Nature: I hope she's now found true meaning in life playing the trumpet instead! I think her conscience got the better of her and she gave the Devil's obstruction of scientific truth away!)

So I am very certain that in the very near future the Jewish state will probably be no more!! No it's not going to be the Devil or Gog of Magog going after Jehovah's Witnesses but rather, the Force of the Universe to burn all the demonic Jews.

The firstborn of the Force ( in rank).


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