Why "Black Holes" do not exist!

Frank Russo - May 04, 2008.

In my 'famous' gravity paper I said that black holes are fatuous and do not exist, whereas on the other hand, "black bodies" do exist!

The reason black holes do not exist is that there are an infinite number of smaller and smaller particles... such that if gravity is not balanced at one level,  it would be balanced at a lower level! For example the protons, electrons, neutrons and quarks at one level down, would all be 1 over 10 to the 40 of the subatomic particles at our level in size!

This is necessary if our universe is to keep growing as it would need bigger and bigger "black Bodies" to provide centres for bigger and bigger entities! The size is of course not prohibitive to a living universe because everything in our universe is in motion, so that it would not squash anything nor collapse on anything.

Hence, just because unenlightened physicists only know about quarks does not mean that gravity would make something infinitely small and infinitely heavy and compressed! The proponents of such lunacies should have their sanity questioned, as they are not really giving any evidence of living in the real world.

Frank Russo.

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