Why a diabetic should use a blender with his meals.

Frank Russo - October 4, 2012. (Revised October 11, 2012)

I have previously said that in the gut there's a pool of proteins that are constantly breaking down and reforming, this is why it is important that the gut's contents are fairly liquid and homogeneous and this is why one should supplement every meal with an accompanying 'smoothie'... say something like half a glass of milk with a banana and a few strawberries. The banana can add sugar but I find it very useful for its potassium and fibre content. Also by making the food homogeneous the diabetic oral agents are well mixed with the food and thus rendered more effective.

A Sunbeam "multi-blender pro" for this purpose can be very useful. For diabetics this is essential as it allows the digestive enzymes to be more effectively distributed plus the fibre content is rendered more mobile and thus both more effective and more easily absorbed thus blocking sugar absorption. The blood sugar levels end up being much more 'normal' and one is certainly enhancing the taste buds' activity as well.

One can also be very inventive e.g. add a couple of kiwi fruits and some cinnamon... any fibre added can be easily rendered very tasty! The latter is very good for diabetes...  it is a very useful tool... no wonder Will Smith was so fond of his blender in "Enemy of the State".

Yes one's diabetes will improve remarkably if one starts using a blender regularly.

Frank Russo.


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