Why G, the gravitational constant is twice as big!

Frank Russo - September 29, 2009.

I am really a theoretical person, and would often rather leave the practical side of things up to others! Way back in 1997 I suggested that G, the gravitational constant, was twice as big as currently thought. This happened in an Adelaide journal called "the Investigator"... a copy of the article is on the left of my homepage www.frankrusso.net as the "Frank Russo Development".

However in view of the fact that nearly 13 years later "nobody" to my knowledge, has looked into this issue, I have herewith turned my IQ to this problem. The answer only took a couple of minutes to be formulated! Most of the time involved, consisted in looking up Cavendish and his G experiment in the Giancoli Physics textbook! It was immediately obvious that Cavendish and everybody else that has followed, have viewed the big "G" as if it was the little "g". The latter is of course usually the acceleration incurred by a miniscule body when in the vicinity of a big body... however the big "G" is the gravitational constant and is reflective of both bodies actions on each other!

Where everybody has gone wrong, is that if you're for example using two identical spheres, you should not only measure the torsion in the apparatus you're measuring, but also the amount of reciprocal force on the sphere which you are using to bring near to the fixed sphere! Which of course means that the "G" you measure, should actually be doubled, because of the reciprocal force on the sphere being brought near to the fixed sphere, which would be of the same magnitude!

Hence as mentioned in a couple of previous articles, this means that one unit of inertial mass, actually generates twice as much gravitational mass, thus negating the principle of equivalence! This fact goes a long way in explaining why a Newtonian estimate of the bending of light should be doubled, thus removing the need for Einstein's curvature of space factor.

It is clear to me that once again, the scientific community has been the victim of monstrous errors in logic which have gone undiscovered for "centuries"... may my contributions to a rational approach to science and reality, bring  the dawn of a new age of understanding!

Frank Russo.

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