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Sent: Saturday, 1 October 2016 11:45 AM
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Subject: FW: Further thoughts on our electricity problems!


The Labour Party’s usual excuse, is to try and confuse the issue by trying to blame the Liberals - going way back to when the Liberals privatised the Electricity Trust! However, if one goes that far back, then one should go back just a tiny bit further and it would be obvious as to why the Liberals privatised the electricity!! IT WAS SIMPLY BECAUSE THE BANNON LABOUR GOVERNMENT HAD BANKRUPTED THE STATE WITH ITS “STATE BANK” DEBACLE !!


A second major problem is that these Labour people have literally “chased after the wind”! They’ve gone where there’s a great deal of wind… hundreds and hundreds of kilometres away from Adelaide - where most people live! Of course, the longer the transmission lines are the more likely it is that something bad will happen to them!


This was not a problem when we had the Torrens Power Station locally at Outer Harbour… even the fishermen were happy as the fish were attracted by the station’s warm water output!


In conclusion, such a vast and remote transmission should be reconsidered as to how suitable it really is.


Frank Pio Russo.





Who's responsible for all the ills of the SA weather ?


There is order in chaos and such a thing as synchronicity often applies to important people and events!


Hence it’s no accident that the SA Premier who has been presiding over all these disastrous catastrophes, is called “Weatherill” !


Has anybody actually itemized the 23 electricity towers that went down, or are we just taking the premier’s word for it? I seem to have kept seeing the same one, shown on TV over and over! And it seemed to have toppled over as if it was made out of butter it looked so weak that perhaps in my super-human bodybuilding/weightlifting days - when I could shift the front of a mini (somewhat) – I might have been able to topple it with my bare hands!


Let’s hear the engineers on this subject: were the winds involved actually that cyclonic or was it simply a case of very little money having been allocated for such things!


And another matter I would appreciate having some light shed on , is what’s the use of being interconnected to Victoria if the connector is going to switch off every time you actually need it! And also, how much of a factor was the fact that the mix was about 41% renewable - such that the frequency of the electricity was therefore unstable?


This is the same sort of behaviour of the Rudd federal government… these Labour people are always very good at thoughtlessly throwing heaps of money at projects (e.g. the financial crisis and the NBN)… without realizing that there would usually be repercussions! (?) For example with all the astronomical money thrown at renewables – despite the fact that the state is broke – it’s caused an unaffordable (by many) rise in the cost of electricity making it the most expensive in the world !!


It’s time that this state should start repairing itself, and this should definitely begin with the removal of JAY WEATHERILL immediately… followed by the kicking of the Labour Party out of office at the next state election – this is absolutely necessary.


Frank Pio Russo.