What Billionaire Pharmaceutical Companies do, when their Revenue is threatened: Roche and Cancer research!

Frank Pio Russo - April 05, 2016.

In 1981 it was a well known fact that I was doing some work on cancer research... even the psychics where predicting a solution for cancer coming out of Adelaide for that time! I reminisced about this period with a jpg handwritten article on my website in about 2003/2004.

However, I assume some multinational must have used its money and influence to block my article: I could click on it and it would come up so long as I was within my website, but on typing its web address in Google I always got no response... it was as if the page didn't exist!

Then sometimes at about then, I contacted an old Jewish friend who was living in Sydney: he said "Ohh yeah I remember you! You're the one that Roche was trying to kill in 1981!". And of course all the pieces fell into place: his name was Shamon and in the early 80's he'd been working in advertising for the Advertiser... he'd become a close friend - we even went to restaurants like "the Prince Room" together . He had told me that he spoke 5 or 6 languages and that he could walk into any security organization: I even rang ASIO at the time and told them to offer him a job as a middle/east expert. Little did I suspect that he probably already had a job and that might have involved protecting me from Roche!

Roche had been so concerned about me, that in 1981 they sent the daughter of a very top Roche official from Rome to Adelaide, to presumably investigate from close up. Her name was Adriana and she was doing 5th year Medicine at "Rome University". She came to the Institute of Medical and Veterinary Science where I was, and watched me do quite a bit of work whilst carrying out a conversation: but I had no idea as to who she was... I only learnt that later!

So Roche must have been extremely fearful that cancer was finding its solution and many of its expensive drugs would become obsolete! In other words a lot of their revenue was being threatened!

Now I guess Eli might have been working to protect me on behalf of the Human Race - but most probably he was working for Mossad or the CIA. However I had also made many enemies within the IMVS because I was complaining about unprofessional behaviour by the people there, and calling for a meeting of the "Scientific and Technical Committee" of the University... so anyway, in December of 1981 I was given a very massive dose of LSD that would have probably killed most people who did not have my 'professional' body-frame and physique...

I ended up in a private hospital where I received massive injections of Haloperidol and was kept in sleep-therapy for quite some time. It took me years to recover from the addiction to the tranquillizers I was kept on... and this led to my abandoning of biochemistry and getting involved in physics.

In conclusion, it is obvious that all those Roche executives were constantly chasing the dollar signs, and had no qualms about killing anybody that stood between them and 'their' money! The irony of it all is that today - some 35 years later - virtually all of those top Roche executives, would be in their graves having been desecrated by maggots! I ask of you: "Of what good was their money?"

Frank Pio Russo.


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