What the medical world should be working on! And brown fat is a part of the picture.

Frank Pio Russo - April 04, 2016.

From about 2002 to 2004, something miraculous happened to my body after I went off all sorts of medications! I had had very pronounced hypertension, and my blood pressure suddenly dropped to 114/72 plus I had developed a layer of something like liquid metal just below the skin: which even titanium needles found hard to penetrate so as to get some blood! My GP - Dr Josie Pyle who some years later was 'assassinated' - couldn't believe it... she said "you should be dead, your heart isn't making any noise of any kind!". Following this she had me locked up through Dr Simon Hein - who was probably an ASIO agent of some sort - on the pretence that I was a bit stressed out, and all these MI6 people who spoke the Queen's English were doing all sorts of tests on me all around the clock... they even confiscated the Kyneton I was drinking, just in case that was causing the miraculous happenings.

I could carry about 4 or 5 shopping bags in one hand and not even feel the weight... I could also masturbate and not feel any heart-beat at all, let alone it increase in any way whatsoever!

But even though they eventually let me out of the hospital, I felt these suspicious agents, were muscling-in on all the take-away food places in my area, and tampering with my food after I would put in an order. There were about 17 cars following me when I went out for some lunch... every week I would get a new silent phone line from Telstra, and yet these 'bastards' were always interfering with my phone and phone-calls... before long I realized that just about every call I made was answered by 'bogus' people who were not who they claimed to be! And wherever I went these bastards interfered with my activities - even with my shopping! My advisor - T. Ray Osborn (who used to run the Anti-cancer Foundation) - told me to tell them nothing ... he said "people have got to 'earn' their salvation for themselves!". I later did reveal some secrets through Ray Osborn and a policeman called Matricciani... and Ray told me to tell no one else! Before long I was as sick as a dog and Ray said that the government had poisoned me with pesticides for divulging my so-called secrets to my son... "BLOODY JOHN HOWARD: I HOPE HE COMES TO A BAD END!! 

(The second time they trapped me in hospital, they pumped me full of all these experimental drugs... so much so that they turned me both blind and deaf: this female agent was so upset that she cried about it! Yes! if the mythical J.C. came back, that's what would be in store for him: an intense persecution... may they all rot in the grave where they belong - the only reason those MI6 let me out was because I uttered out aloud "Go! go Yahweh, smash them to smithereens... hit them like a trillion ton truck : London would be nice!" ... well synchronicity brought about the big London fires... the next day those agents were petrified and quickly discharged me out of the mental hospital!)

As a Witness Pioneer once said “God can use anybody to do his will – He even used Nebuchadnezzar”… Well in this case he used the Jehadists!

Those bastard spies were even interfering with things in my house: I saw not even an inkling of goodness in everybody that I was having dealings with: they were out to 'steal' my discovery and 'flush me down the toilet'! Before long I said "send all these fucking bastards to the grave where they all fucking belong!" and proceeded to stop eating - all I had was virgin olive oil on my skin in the hope that the phenomenon would go away! Well I lost about 30 kilos and became mainly bones: I was mortal again!”

(Today, some 12 years after some agent broke into my house and smeared shit all over my ensuite and my $500 of olive oil, some of my clothes are still becoming affected - (now 12 years later) - by perhaps organo-phosphates or something equally devious in my cupboards… - my whole house and clothes were poisoned back then. I then stopped using my fantastic olive oil panacea all over my body, and dumped the oil all over my land… Steven Ready of Digital Lamb marvelled at all the miraculous growth of grass that suddenly sprouted-up on my front yard!)

Mind you it was all pointless because I was constantly moving from one theory to another back then… the ‘half-wits’ though, would swallow everything… I remember that after telling them that the sands in New South Wales were worth trillions because its titanium’s price was going to go through the roof… they announced big fines for littering those beaches with cigarette butts etc.

Well let's forget about the politics and concentrate on the science involved: although I did jokingly suggest that they could put the stigmata on me and convert the world! I however was not that serious about this, because I considered it all a scientific revelation rather than a religious one! Basically the mitochondrial electron transport system had become uncoupled from phosphorylation and the fatty acids were being freely oxidized to CO2 - generating heat!

This is what the scientific world should be concentrating on! There are plenty of bears doing it when they hibernate, and there are marine animals that also do it when they become very cold: they do it using their 'miraculous' brown fat! Why aren't there millions of researchers working on brown fat and mitochondrial electron transport systems? Any heart and most other research is pointless, because we would still be ageing! The point of all of the body's sophisticated biochemistry, is to generate and utilize heat, and this can be all done in a much more elegant and sophisticated way!

Here's how I expressed it, in 2004 in the middle of it all:

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