What coming off tranquillizers feels like!

Frank Pio Russo - June 22, 2018.

After being wrongly placed on tranquillizers for supposedly prophylactic reasons to keep at bay a supposed disease - when in fact I had been organically poisoned with LSD twice - I finally got the all clear to be tranquillizer free almost 2 months ago.

The first thing that I noticed was that my recollections of my past became very crisp and clear - almost as if they happened yesterday - even though in some cases the events were from almost 40 years ago! Of course most people do not want to take tranquillizers for one major reason, and that is simply because they affect libido. Now I'm sure that this is no accident as it would be desirable not to have mental patients breeding... this however overlooks the fact that erectile function is not necessary for women patients to continue breeding: I think that the pharmaceutical chemical engineers need to rethink their approach to such medications as the major cause for such illnesses is stress and the pace of life! Sure in times gone by heredity may have been a major factor but I don't think this is so anymore, as mental illness crops up in all sorts of families out of nowhere these days.

The worst part is that one may have had  a large male member, and unfortunately most things atrophy if you don't use them. Fortunately though tranquillizers do not kill or modify libido, but rather simply modify its expression by reducing erectile strength. I'm fortunate in this regard because it looks as if I've regained my astronomical libido back, and seeing I never have any need to sleep there'd be nothing to stop me from masturbating all night - if I felt like it... the only thing that would change would be that the ejaculations would be almost dry simply because of their frequency!

Another major plus about being off tranquillizers is that most of them tend to make one put on weight... so it's all win win: on the one hand one wins by not putting on weight by not taking the tranquillizers, and on the other hand - by being much more sexually active his testosterone will transform his body by putting on extra rock hard muscles even without exercising... furthermore one's joints are sure to benefit from the extra hormones.

Finally I think that most of the senses are a bit more alive off tranquillizers... I dare say that one would even enjoy music a bit more.

Frank Pio Russo.

Ps.- It must be said that had I been a real mental patient I would not have been able to rewrite the laws of the universe as a massive solo effort!


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