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Sent: March 1, 2017 8:06 PM
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Subject: Obama - the Manchurian candidate?


Obama - the Manchurian candidate?


Some years ago, whilst everybody from all over the world was flocking into Australia, a bit of apparently anti-Indian violence broke out over here: no doubt fueled by the Indian students’ overt possessions e.g. laptops, mobile phones etc.


They had this ridiculous Indian woman on TV claiming that that sort of thing should definitely not be allowed to happen, because she claimed that Australia was an “international” country… in other words it belonged to all the illegal refugees and anybody willing to intrude into our country!!


And the traitorous and inimical stupid leftist media - as per usual - was always taking the views of foreigners as gospel truth! I would not feel any regret whatsoever if I were a ruler to have such “bastards” all executed… I would go further than you Donald: all you want to do is to simply ban them from some White House briefings!


I am glad you are putting America first! Obama was really a Manchurian candidate: putting everybody else’s interests first - except for those of the US!! Somehow he thought that the Presidency was no more than a cheap popularity contest! Bush had become very unpopular because it went with the job, and he (Obama), was trying to please every foreigner he could think of: yes, constantly being apologetic for everything under the sun… (perhaps in private even for every defecation of his that smelled!)


The Nobel people were impressed with such nonsensical altruistic behaviour, and awarded him the big prize… however it must be remembered that the Peace Prize is all subjective and not based on actual substance… after all they who allot it are the Norwegians instead of Alfred Nobel’s original Swedes, who I dare say are much smarter – not living in the rustic highlands.


Yes the leftist media are the most evil and demonic bastards around, always trying to pervert everything that used to be sacrosanct!


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