Vision acuity improvements resulting from only a few weeks of putting my diabetes cure in operation !

Frank Pio Russo - September 18 2018.

If you have followed my much varied research over the years, you' d recall how I became close to completely blind with my right eye. This was following my smashing of my face against a wall at about 8 years of age. Many specialists saw my eye over the years - e.g. Landers and many others - and the diagnosis was always the same " a glial remnant on the optic nerve".

Well in 2003 I started applying some of my perfectly balanced semen to my bad eye, and I was soon able to see again! An ophthalmologist from Dulwich said that the nevus had broken up like an iceberg and all the bits and pieces were floating in the vitreous humour! Well it was sure great to have another eye to rely on, however its vision only peaked at 6/12 and had recently dimmed somewhat: last time the vision was measured, was just over a month ago on the 7th of August 2018, and its vision was 6/19.

Naturally I expected great things when I started putting my new diabetes cure into action, just a few weeks ago. And sure enough great things have happened! For a start, my eyes have greatly changed their appearance: they've lost their mainly blue colour with only a hint of green, to become mainly green in colour! Furthermore my optometrist - "Joe" or Joanne - found that my right eye had gone from 6/19 about 41 days ago to 6/9 today which is nothing short of miraculous! And in actual fact, even the non-sick and undamaged left eye had improved from a perfect 6/6 to the fantastic 6/4.5 !

In conclusion, I'm of course very pleased with having put an end to my liver's interventions - it is now no longer dumping 'tons' of sugar into my circulation! Furthermore any toxic, acidic, hydrogen ions that I produce, whilst harvesting electrons from the very harmless sugars and carbohydrates, are being easily mopped-up by my many double and multiple bonds in my mainly unsaturated diet with many vegetables and greens.

Frank Pio Russo.


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