What Velikovsky said about Einstein:


Velikovsky was a genius who was a psychiatrist and  a multi-disciplinarian... he had won a gold medal in his youth for his schooling... here's part of a quote about Einstein:


Einstein was born in 1879, the year Maxwell died. It was the year when Michelson made the first in the series of his experiments in investigating the velocity of light. Einstein was born in Ulm, the town in which Kepler, his favorite scientist of earlier times, had spent some of the last months of his life, before dying in 1630. In high school the geography teach declared Einstein to be moronic; in the Zurich Polytechnic his physics professor, as Einstein told me, once said to him: “In this college the poorest class is of experimental physics, and the poorest pupil are you.” Upon graduation he was unable to secure a teaching position and, after years of private tutoring of students deficient in mathematics, he was happy to receive the position of a patent examiner in the Bern Patent Office. There he profited in learning to express himself in short and exact terms. At the age of twenty-six, in 1905, he offered the theory of relativity, later called the “special” or “restricted” theory of relativity, in distinction from the theory he offered eight years later, the “general” theory of relativity.


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