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Sent: March 5, 2017 9:52 AM
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Subject: The truth about weekend penalty rates.


The truth about weekend penalty rates.


When penalty rates were introduced, the debate was mainly about full-time workers - e.g. super market employees being rostered over the weekend - after working for a full working week already! I had no argument with that.


For example in my sort of pathology work, I used to work for a full week, and then chose to work on the weekend and also be on call at night, on top of those extra weekend days: I would work on-call all night and then had to remain at work and recommence the full day at 9 am… or if I’d gone home a few hours earlier, still show up at work with no sleep at 9am! This is what penalty rates were: they were penalties to the employer for abusing the worker! One of those years I nearly doubled my normal salary!


However it’s a totally different story today. Often these people are just working on weekends and “bludging” for the rest of the week, without getting any work for those extra days, simply because the massive generosity of penalty rates is enriching them – with very little effort on their part! Yes, with the advent of part-time work, these are people that specialize on working on week-ends – it’s a way of life for them!


Furthermore, in my 1970’s the weekend was especially geared towards church activity: the Saturday was for church social activities, whilst the Sunday was for church attendance. This is no longer the case since the advent of pedophilia discoveries in churches… people have had their faiths shipwrecked and no longer go to church ‘en masse’! Weekends have virtually become like normal days!


I would suggest that even the yearly Christmas breakup should be gotten rid of! Employees should roster their holidays spaced out throughout the year – perhaps some times during their children’s’ school term breakups. This way productivity would rise, as businesses would no longer need to shut over Christmas!


The Labour Party can scream ‘blue murder’ as much as they like: THE FACTS ARE THE FACTS AND WILL REMAIN THE FACTS - IN THIS REGARD.


Frank Pio Russo.