The truth about the Uncertainty Principle.

Frank Russo - June 15, 2010.

It is claimed that the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle is something philosophical and this is used as a pretence for being unable to determine both the velocity and position of a sub-atomic particle. This pathetic excuse was also always used to reject my early relativity work... "you've got to solve it philosophically!"

However such a ridiculous position has no place in "real" science! I usually replied that "I deal with rational facts and not 'mumbo-jumbo'". The issue  is easily burst wide open by the fact that one of our seconds equates to 10 to the 40 seconds in the sub-atomic world at one step down from our world! So it is almost meaningless to speak of one of our seconds... no wonder they resort to magical things such as "matter waves"... mind you the latter waves are a figment of the super-imposition of the massive absolute velocity over our paltry local relative velocity.

Furthermore, when one considers the differences in our time-scales and how advanced "people" inside our atoms are, (not to mention inside their atoms and so on ad infinitum !), it becomes quite feasible that most photons could be being piloted by "little 10 to the minus 40 people", much the same as the death-star in "Star Wars" was! This would explain why we don't see them accelerate, as the speed of "c" is magical in stopping energy loss, and the initial acquisition of getting to such a speed in their time-scale would not really register physiologically at our level!

In conclusion then, we must never leave our scientific quest of rationally interpreting our physical world! This is the true quest that leads to real and tangible discoveries!

Frank Russo.

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