Transsexuals and gays: humouring them is actually putting the cart in front of the horse !

Frank Pio Russo - September 01, 2017.

The ABC is always pushing the gay "envelope" further and further! This morning the agenda was that the transsexuals are all very depressed and suicidal, and they want the governments to spend all this money to educate the public about their issues!

However from my experience, I tend to agree with the psychiatric practice of past centuries... these issues are all symptoms of both conditioning and deep seated mental illness, and to humour them is really tantamount to placing a cart in front of a horse ! For instance, the incidence of homosexuality was always constant at 1% of the population for centuries till people started to humour and publicize these issues recently.

All the transsexuals I've known about were unstable to begin with, and the issues of gender and sexuality only served to compound their problems... allowing these things to fester and gain public approval is counterproductive and would only serve to ruining our fabric of society.

Of course I see no harm in treating these people's mental problems: but it's these people that need the educating and the treatment rather than the rest of society, and it's still society in general that should dictate what's acceptable and what is not. I hope you don't advocate the destruction of the "family" as a basic unit of society!

A concerned citizen.