Why "Transition Mass" is a better term than "Inertial Mass"!

Frank Russo - October 2, 2009.

The usual distinction made is between "inertial" and "gravitational" mass!This is however totally "moronic"! Of course there is not going to be any difference between the two!After all, the "inertial mass" is simply the mass a body has when it breaks the hold gravity has on it, and starts moving, and therefore the two under consideration are identical!

On the other hand, the "transition mass" is the one a body has whilst moving around, with the hypothetical non-interference from other bodies! This is a different matter altogether, and obviously this "transition matter" is a constant amount, which is what the surrounding matter acts on, to give you a gravitational equivalent!

No doubt even most simpletons have observed that it's a hell of a lot easier to slide things around than just lifting them! In conclusion then, a serious distinction is to be made between "transition" and "inertial" matter, and it is the former which should be contrasted to gravitational matter! And as observed in my gravity paper, in an aggregation of identical masses, the gravitational equivalent would be twice as big as the transitional mass.

Frank Russo.

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