Totally solving the Michelson-Morley enigma!

Frank Russo - July 28 2007.

There were still some loose ends with my Michelson-Morley Experiment which I now believe I have taken care of comprehensively. Like Nash in a "Beautiful Mind", I had to see the patterns in the raw numbers! For some complicated things algebra is useless - for to use an analogy - it only lets you see if there is anything that just fits in a box, rather than what's actually in the box! Of course, to be able to dispense with algebra one must have considerable IQ at his disposal otherwise it's no use.

One must realize that it is the uncontracted relative arm of 10.83079918 m that gets rotated from the perpendicular to the orbital position. As this arm is 0.166598191 m longer than the contracted 10.66420099m, it actually means that the mirror of the apparatus does not have to travel these 0.166598191 m. Hence the total motion of the mirror is only 2.091124102 m instead of the full 2.257722293 m which one would expect for a full 12.921923284 m of light. Therefore one would get to the latter figure by adding the 2.091124102 m to the 10.83079918 m giving you the 12.921923284 m.

As I've said before the Michelson-Morley experiment is a "magical" trick done with mirrors: however I guarantee you that you can believe its results... unlike Einstein's twin paradox! In the latter if anything it would be ageing that would slow rather than time!

I began on the Michelson-Morley in 1987, it's been a long road... twenty years to be precise! It gives me great satisfaction to say my job is finally complete!

Frank Russo.


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