Where did Constantine and his big team of plagiarizers find a lot of the material to concoct the so called "New" Testament?

Frank Pio Russo - January 11, 2019 (Friday in Paradise).

At the Council of Nicaea there were many so called "bishops" from the whole world, or from the "oikoumene" as the known civilized world was called then - which basically denoted mostly the Roman Empire, and that's about all! Most of these men were very rustic and some even uncouth, and they all had some scrolls of some sort. However just like we see with Hollywood today, most people have no imagination whatsoever, and would rather remake some older film for a 4th time - such morons! Things were much the same in the beginning of Christianity, and most of the stories and material for the New Testament or N.T., were stolen from the ancient Egyptian folklore!

I've had all the "goods" to destroy Christianity for many decades! However, I saw such a move as very detrimental, unless I had an alternate view, that could replace all the hopes and aspirations that people derived from Christianity! So sure! Christianity was no more than a placebo - or a simple sugar tablet - nevertheless people did cling to it, to conquer the fear of death.

Now I don't know how much you know about Napoleon... perhaps you might imagine him as a very short and clever military man. However, he climbed very high in my estimation of him as a very intelligent men, when I learnt about the expedition that he led to Egypt - all these scholars, archaeologists, and historians of all sorts - to investigate the ancient Egyptian culture. Apparently there was a great deal of surprising material to be rediscovered!

The reason was that Constantine and his somewhat rustic Presbyters - (i.e. elders) - had plagiarized massive  amounts of ancient Egyptian writings, and guess what they did, to stop anybody from finding the provenance of much of their content, that was being purported as being the "word of God"? Well they plastered many huge walls that had all these sacred ancient Egyptian stories - (after first copying it of course!)! Well can you imagine the glee and joy of all those French scholars with Napoleon, when they realized that those imbecilic early Christian plagiarists, had actually enhanced the preservation of those ancient writings, by plastering over them - as this had stopped the writings from being weathered away by erosion, rain etc!

Well the conclusion of all those scholars, was that Christ and Christianity were full of pagan stories from ancient Egyptian folklore - and religion! Of course the Vatican and its Pope at the time, decided to fight "fire" with "fire", and appointed a committee - or team of scholars - to undermine and fight all the findings of those French scholars! (Now I'm writing most of these facts whilst relying only on my memory)! Well I had to laugh when I saw what happened next, as documented on "Jesus the Evidence"... apparently the Vatican's team concurred with the findings of the French scholars, and went far beyond... questioning virtually every bit of Christian 'fabric' that there was to be found! And the embarrassed Pope was forced to actually excommunicate the leader of those scholars that he himself had appointed!

I now just want to mention a few of these stories that were plagiarized from ancient Egypt:

1) - Horus was actually born on December the 25th, (like I mentioned the other day, that at least 16 crucified saviours were all born on that day), being the time that it was first noticeable with the naked eye, that the sun was now going in the opposite direction and the day was getting longer! Horus was also born in a manger and he was of royal descent (just like Jesus was supposed to have been!).

2) - The mother of Horus was the virgin Isis-Meri, and of course this is where most of the "mother and child" statues had originally originated from! Also the birth of Horus was announced by a star in the east, and attended by 3 wise men! (exactly like it was re-told about Jesus!).

3) - Furthermore, not only was Horus baptized at 30 - like Jesus was, but he also did some teaching in the Temple at 12 years of age! Doesn't that all sound very familiar? And remember that it was Horus that preceded Jesus and not the other way round... so it's obvious who was copying who?

4) - Anus the Baptizer carried out the baptism of Horus, and was later decapitated... much like what happened to John the Baptist who baptized Jesus - supposedly!

5) - Horus also had 12 companions or helpers , much the same as the 12 apostles of Jesus! What's more, Horus expelled demons from people and also performed miracles! He even raised Osiris from the dead!

6) - Amazingly he also walked on water like Jesus was reputed to have done! And also ended-up being crucified between two thieves - just like Jesus supposedly did!

7) - Either Horus - or Osiris - was buried for 3 days in a tomb and then resurrected! Plus some of the same appellations that were used, to much later refer to Jesus... had first been used in reference to Horus/Osiris e.g. "the Way", "the Truth", "Messiah", "the Life", "the Lamb of God", "the Word of Truth", "the Word made Flesh", "Good Shepherd", and "Son of Man".

8) - Osiris was knows as "the KRST", whilst Horus was known as "Iusa"... "the ever becoming Son of the Father" and was also known as "Holy Child" and as "the Anointed One"!

9) - Apparently, also like Jesus, Horus was supposed to rule for a thousand years, after battling the evil Set or Seth! The latter being the darkness which was the opposite of the light or sun (remember these Messiahs were always the personification of our sun in the sky!)

Plus, there's much, much more! Just about everything, about Jesus had already happened - word for word - to the much earlier Horus! Horus was the saviour of mankind. Plus Horus was already known about, possibly as early as 3,000 BC! Thousands of years before Jesus!

Now you might wonder why isn't this public knowledge? The reason was that all the scholars tried to keep their debating and discussions, within the walls of academia! In much the same way that I initially explained, why I hadn't tried to destroy Christianity over 30 years ago. Obviously, I have chosen to act lately, because we can finally start to believe in the real power of Science! We should really only acknowledge "miracles", in the sense that advanced science from an advanced civilization, can possibly do things we might have thought were impossible!

Frank Pio Russo.

Ps1- It's now 0335 am, but amazingly enough my mind never gets tired, despite never sleeping! On the other hand, my body tends to get tired, and needs a brief spell to fight gravity every now and then! Interestingly though, my body' s tiredness only really manifests itself during the day, and I try and rest every 5 or 6 hours or so , for at least half an hour or a bit more! Now why do you imagine that both my body and my mind fare so well during the night? Well true, these days I both eat food and drink coffee during the night... however that is not it As the amount of food at night does not compare to how much I eat during daytime!

I actually believe that it's all thanks to Gaia (supposedly Mother Earth). I deduced in round about 2005, that our Earth is releasing energy at night, perpendicularly outwards away from the surface of our planet - perhaps I absorb some of this released energy throughout the night! However, during the day our Earth is actually absorbing energy inwards, which means I may be losing energy through my feet during the day!


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