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Sent: Sunday, 24 July 2016 11:57 AM
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Subject: FW: The 'terror shows' often live on TV are enough !!


The 'terror shows' often live on TV are enough !!


The authorities are such moronic imbecilic fuckwits … unfortunately they lack an astronomical IQ and often look in vain for clues to Islamic connections! Stop being stupid: he was an Iranian rather than a German… most of those people do not integrate, such that it’s meaningless for them to have dual citizenships! His claim that he was German was hollow!


What religion was he… why isn’t this news… nobody has bothered to mention it ! (???) All that those inbred morons need to be influenced, is to see their fellow brethren all over the world committing these atrocities live on TV - in their own living room to be influenced: there’s your link you demented fuckwits !!


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Subject: Good on ya Merkel: REAP YOUR REWARDS !! you stupid woman!


Good on ya Merkel: REAP YOUR REWARDS: you stupid woman !!


Keep bringing them in by the millions you stupid woman!

“Mass shooting in Munich: Iranian-German involved. Many kids dead!”