From: Frank Pio Russo []
Sent: Thursday, 17 August 2017 6:43 AM
To: 'Australian Conservatives'
Subject: FW: Why the term marriage should be dropped by heterosexuals !



Why the term marriage should be dropped by heterosexuals !


All the “scum” of this world has already high jacked the term “marriage” regardless of whether such a term is legislated or not, for gays and homosexuals as well as transsexuals.


So now’s the time to abandon this corrupted term as its derogatory connotation cuts in. The best way to do this appears to me, is to bring in a two word composite term, with a qualitative word in there to make it unassailable. I suggest that we in turn “steal” their “union” term from “gay union”, and add the term “Christian”… e.g. one would say “are you in a Christian Union?” whereas a Buddhist would say: “No I’m in a “Buddhist union” and so on! And instead of saying “are you married?”, one would say “are you united?”


The gays are not fooling any of us… it’s not the term “marriage” that they’re after… what they want is to gain the acceptance of normal Christian people by default as they appear to conquer these latter’s sacred institution! In other words simply “gain” people through the creation of confusion! We must not let that happen!


Frank Pio Russo.