The truth about the 2 % growth misinformation about immigration!

July 20, 2017.


Sometime in the 1980s these Italians were raving about how Italy was beating even Germany and was about the 3rd economy in the world: “I was a bit sceptical and said what about their debts ?”


Of course I was spot-on because - despite their GDP – their economy was no more than an elaborate house of cards with all these massive debts! Now , in a similar vein, there’s a fact about immigration that is constantly being parroted around to the detriment of proper understanding of the matter.


It is constantly being said that Australia’s immigration keeps giving us a growth of 2% all by itself. Such politicians are devoid of any understanding: they are no more than moronic imbeciles ! Sure the GDP might be going up… but when most of this vagrant influx comes here with zero finances to speak of , the growth is only being accomplished through debt… and sure enough our debt keeps on mushrooming up ballooning past ½ a trillion dollars - I currently believe!


Wake-up Australia: you are almost being owned by overseas bankers: you “wankers”! We should be self-contained in most respects, encouraging our own moderate population growth and living within our means… instead of continuing bringing in all these vagrants and allowing our standard of living to resultantly continue to slip !


Frank Russo.


Ps, the GDP rarely tells you the whole story !