Resolving a paradox: how can the sun be less active and yet burn people much more readily!

Frank Pio Russo - January 29, 2018.

For nearly 20 years I've been maintaining that the sun's activity has gone down resulting in the heating up of our Earth. The way I've explained it is that as the outer atmosphere cools down, water vapour in our thermosphere condenses and rains down on our planet: the key is that as each gram of water is formed, 540 calories of latent heat are released thus heating everything up as it reaches the Earth!

Now we must remember that water vapour is actually a "greenhouse" gas. This is how an online source explained it: "Water vaporcarbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases absorb and trap... radiation leading to a natural warming of Earth's surface and the lower atmosphere".  Now obviously as more and more water vapour comes down, there's less and less left out there in the atmosphere to absorb the sun's says! This is how one can burn quicker despite the fact that the sun's activity may have decreased. I would further imagine that the notable upturn in recent cancer incidence, would also be due to the increase in radiation reaching the earth's surface undisturbed: the fact that there has recently been a hole in the ozone over the Arctic further underscores this!

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