Why the Sun can vary!

Frank Russo - December 21 2009.

There was a warming of the earth in the middle ages and according to the April 26 2009 Adelaide Sunday Mail, the sun cooled between 1645 and 1710 creating a mini ice age... a friend even said that the River Thames froze-up!

Well the current heating-up of our planet is also caused by the cooling sun which has hit a 100 year low in sunspot activity, a 50 year low in solar wind pressure and a 55 year low in solar radio emissions. This may sound oxy-moronic, however the heating will only last so long as there is water vapour condensing from the thermosphere and releasing 540 calories per gram... in other words if it wasn't for the heat dissipating this precipitating water would raise its own temperature by 540 degrees Celsius! Of course it would try to boil at 100 if it was possible again, and try to take 540 calories of latent heat up again! ( It takes one calorie to raise one gram or c.c. of water by one degree Celsius!)

Hence, sure the planet might be supposedly heating up, but only temporarily... unless the sun reverts to "normal" the planet will head towards an ice-age! This is not surprising because the sun is travelling at an absolute speed of about 53,200 km /sec (measured through aberration). Obviously certain areas of space maybe  colder than others and the sun may have encountered one of these. Furthermore I vaguely remember a comet smashing into the sun in August of 1979... obviously such an event could affect the sun... who knows!?

So let's not shut-down our coal power stations just yet... we may soon need all the heating we can get!

Frank Russo.

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