Why I have been immune from damage despite running sugars off the chart for a long period of time!

Frank Pio Russo - October 6, 2018.

From 2002 to 2005 I had long spells with my sugar off the charts most of the time and the lowest fasting level I was getting was about 22.0 mmol/litre! And yet I was not damaged - read why that may have been so!

 I became extremely suspicious and anti-doctors in 2002, after my GP - doctor Josie Pyle - got a psychiatrist by the name of Hein, to lock me up so that all these spies - possibly MI6 - could pump me full of experimental medications! The reason being that she'd discovered that I had gone from high hypertension to a blood pressure of 116/72, and my heart appeared inactive not making any noise at all! She excitedly said "Frank you should be dead!"

Well I thought she reaped what she sowed by ending up dead at a very young 45 years of age - or thereabouts - she obviously knew a few too many secrets! Plus I suspected her to also have been a spy of some sort: she had a four wheel-drive Toyota Rav 4 and would go anywhere with the excuse that she was bird-watching, being one of the top people in an ornithological society of some sort.

So any trust I may have had in doctors was totally shattered! I came to suspect that most of them were sycophantic parasites who were on the take from pharmaceutical companies, and I knew how most of them were receiving all sorts of incentives, such as overseas holidays and trips to seminars being held overseas, and much more! No wonder they were always keen to prescribe something!

Of course I was aware that the biggest cash cows for those pharmaceutical companies, were the poor diabetic patients, who I felt were being exploited! Hence I refused to believe that sugars were the real problem in diabetes, but was always keen to blame the acid that developed in the body, as one of the most dangerous complication of diabetes out of control, was a metabolic acidosis.

After I got out of hospital - and the Democrats were a big help in stopping some of those illegal drugs I was being administered, after I called them on the local pay-phone - I went off the diabetic medications and started eating all sorts of sugary foods to monitor what would happen!

As a clinical chemist I could see beyond what normal biochemists were aware of! They all got lost in the Kreb's cycle maize that they were creating for themselves... in other words they could only see the leaves but not the overall forest! I could see the over-all picture, namely that carbohydrates and sugars were  in the overall effect, being stripped of their hydrogen atoms, and then these hydrogen atoms were harvested to yield their electrons, and thus become dangerous, toxic, acidic hydrogen ions i.e. H+.

Now the key as to why I was not damaged by having my sugars often above 33.3 mmol/ litre, was because at the time, despite the fact that I was eating a whole supermarket's stock of food per week, I was also having heaps of good vegetables and also fruit. However the key to it all was the fact that I was taking massive amounts of vitamin C or ascorbic acid, because I knew that each molecule could exist in the oxidized state after releasing 2 electrons if I remember correctly.

Hence these formidable electrons were used by the enzyme carbonic anhydrase, to dispose of the H+ ions by forming a great quantity of carbonic acid or H2CO3. The latter would break up into CO2 and water which were of course harmless. Now I am not totally sure about the exact mechanism involved - perhaps the H+ were first buffered with Bicarbonate ions (i.e. HCO3-minus). Anyway regardless of the specifics involved I do know the actual results: and they were that I was putting out a minimum of 11 litres of urine per day! But it wasn't really urine... I recall telling an IMVS senior hospital scientist - Stan Sobecki - in 2004 that I was drinking some of it and it tasted like an incredibly wonderful sweet cocktail drink! Obviously even if there had been any urea or anything else there that wasn't all that nice, you've got to remember the dilution effect as most people concentrate their urine to, from 1 to  one and a half litres - therefore there was a dilution factor of close to 11.

In conclusion you can rest assured that my recent cure for diabetes is correct and very spot-on! Furthermore the reason it didn't come about 13 years ago as it should have, is because early in 2005 I was ambushed by almost a dozen policemen and one policewoman from the Norwood police station - outside my place, and put in these very small handcuffs behind my back that came close to breaking my wrists! I was then hospitalized for the benefit of bastard spies and bastard medical authorities that were very jealous of my scientific successes... and I was pumped full of experimental medications to the point that I became both deaf and blind! Those bastards even dared tell me off for not reacting to a fire alarm! May they all rot in the grave permanently.. of course I would have reacted to the fire alarm if I'd been able to hear it properly!

Anyway, fortunately when I was eventually let out of the hospital, I recovered both my sight and vision back again: this happened following me uttering out aloud "Go go go Yahweh! Smash them to smithereens! Hit them like a trillion ton truck! London would be nice!" My timing was impeccable! What a great synchronicity as it was round about the evening of July the 6th 2005 and I think the next day there was a megahit on London and all those spies in that bogus hospital ward, were petrified and knew I was the cause of it... they immediately released me from the hospital - obviously they did not want to be gluttons for punishment!

Frank Pio Russo.

Ps. - Dr Arthur Loukas actually saw one of those 11 litres Piccadilly water blue containers full of my urine - it had an 11 litre capacity.


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