The speed of the Microwave front and the Michelson-Morley.

Frank Russo - May 25 2007.

I have two speeds for light, one is the effective or absolute, and is the one you find along the hypotenuse of one of the intervals in the Michelson-Morley. The other is the apparent or relative speed which light appears to travel up the up-right in the MME. The former is 304475873.2m/sec whilst the latter is about 299792458m/sec ... a difference of some 4,500 km/sec.

Well amazingly enough, when you alter the 369km/sec speed of the background microwave front, you get exactly this advance figure of about 4,500 km/sec. as an absolute figure. To do this you must realize that the earth is the one travelling relative to the MBRS by 369 km/sec, meaning that the speed of the earth relative to the sun is a deflated figure of about 30km/sec by a factor of about 12.2 ... hence all one has to do is multiply the 369 figure by this factor and one gets the advance of the microwave background of radiation as being exactly about 4500 km/sec. This is very admirably comparable to my MME figure of the difference between the two speeds of light. The latter reflecting the advance of light in the MME. This is obviously not a coincidence!

You can definitely draw some sound conclusions from this!

Frank Pio Russo.