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Sent: Thursday, 21 July 2016 1:26 PM
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Subject: Some further points as to whether homosexuals are born as such !


Some further points as to whether homosexuals are born as such !


It was mentioned how naked youths swimming at a river spot, were often attacked by homosexuals and following such an introduction became homosexuals… (actually most homos can point to some childhood abuse of some sort!). Also that boys that are helped through very traumatic experiences - e.g. the death of a mother – often drew affectionately close to the boy helping them: of course there’s a lot more one could say: yes homosexuality is learnt behaviour!


For centuries it was considered as mental illness by the professionals, and its incidence remained constant at about 1% of the population. Then very recently – with the advent of films and television and all the rest of mass-media – such behaviour was popularized! And it spread like wildfire through the performing arts: so much so that TV-crews often get very offended when one mentions the facts of the matter! I’m glad that all these gays are being exposed as the real manipulators of public opinion : that the masses don’t think such rubbish at all, is being proven by the mass appeal of the much non-politically-correct Donald Trump!


Such deluded individuals want to feel good about themselves to the point of being totally blind and moronic: how could it possibly be something one’s born with when most of the carriers of such genes have not partaken in procreation throughout history! Such demented half-wits have no idea how difficult it is for most species to survive - let alone when they don’t breed!


The claim that such behaviour is normal is dealt a mortal blow very easily: are female gays actually born with a “dildo” around their waist? Ridiculously laughable isn’t it?  Such deviants often mention how canary males sometimes stray, however their sexual anatomy is virtually identical to the female (breeders often have trouble telling them apart!), furthermore all birds simply have one common hole for everything i.e. the cloaca!


It’s a very striking omission that none of the brainwashed homosexuals, ever mention faeces and horrible smells let alone diseases: it’s almost as if it were a very sanitary exercise… unbelievable isn’t it! It’s also truly despicable that they’ve gone to such great lengths so as to develop their own mannerisms and diction: this is truly learnt behaviour… indeed: one doesn’t just wake-up one day with a French or Chinese accent!


In view of the foregoing I say that if “buggary” is to be redefined as “marriage”, then you might as well call a ‘cat’ a ‘dog’ or “murdering someone" actually “saving someone”: one is an anathema to the other !! Please wake-up to the warped and deranged sense of ethics that the media portrays, they are in the gutter and wish you were there with them, so that they can feel better about themselves. DON’T GIVE THEM THAT PLEASURE!


Frank Pio Russo.