To:  ABC channel 2 TV-News - Chief of Staff:


As your organization is totally biased and one-eyed towards leftist propaganda, I tend to agree with you that it might well be a waste of your time! But please don’t try and con me that it’s a waste of my time as well !!


That would be the case if I was only emailing you people, however that is far from the truth: there are about 70 primary emails on my list: including a couple of other TV stations, a US presidential nominee, and about 16 Australian politicians! I don’t even have to type out your email address – it’s already in my computer’s memory !


Your criticism about my “swearing” is not very factual: there may be plenty of insults but hardly any swearing! Usually the insults are directed to people’s mental faculties: having had a tested IQ of 170 at 24 years of age in 1978 – that makes me indeed qualified on this subject! Furthermore, such insults are usually directed towards politicians: yet I haven’t received any complaints from any of them !!


In conclusion, this world would be in a much better shape if people spoke in the vernacular a bit more: “fuckwit” is a very powerful alternative to “idiot”. In fact this is what gave Galileo much of his authority and acculation: he spoke in the vernacular of his day!


Sincerely: Frank Pio Russo.