A solution to some more diabetic paradoxes once one uses the "Frank Russo Diabetes Cure"!

Frank Pio Russo - October 9, 2018.

I recently solved a paradox that had been bothering me since my early IMVS days when I was on-call almost every night! Basically I couldn't understand why so many who had been undiagnosed diabetics for many years, were dropping dead like flies as soon as they were diagnosed and went on medications! See the answer in article 696 by clicking on the link at the bottom.

Well I now want to mention a couple of other paradoxes that have also intrigued me over the years. One was highlighted by a chiropractor I know, when he claimed that if people like him would eat a lot of sugary foods, they would get fatter and fatter but would never get diabetes! That to me didn't make much sense because there are a multitude of fat diabetics - so what's the proper way of looking at this statement? I guess the key would be whether the individual doing the eating, forsakes most of the unsaturated foods in his attempt to get fatter... if he does, the acetic H+ ions will build up and start damaging everything, bringing about diabetes as well as other accompanying symptoms, especially bad eye vision and a lot of joint pains, as  minor injuries refuse to heal and constantly get worse !

I think the chiropractor thought that the disease had a mainly genetical base, however one must realize that quite often members of a family tend to have similar eating habits, such that it need not be genetics at work! To illustrate this, I want to mention three brothers and their father, out of whom 2 brothers and their father got diabetes and one brother did not - now at face value it looks like a very strong genetical link! However it quickly dissipates, once you realize that the 2 brothers that got diabetes, were living on their own and presumably not eating all that well, and the same was true of the father; however the brother that didn't get diabetes had a wife who was a very accomplished cook, and would often cook a very varied diet for him - almost like a banquet of sorts. I think you get the point.

Another paradox that I never believed, was the idea that a lot of people that were very fat, were diabetics because of carrying a lot of fat on their body frame, and the term "insulin resistance" was invented to back-up this supposition. However this is a very stupid argument! I am more inclined to believe that insulin resistance comes more readily from fluorinated water where many diabetics tend to concentrate the fluoride in their bodies: now this makes a great deal more sense and I've mentioned this before and my article dealing with this is very popular - I might also mention its link at the bottom. Yes fluoride is added to toothpaste to give a lot of resistance to Candida to stop them from eating sugar and 'pissing' acid to destroy your teeth! It used to also be added to any sample for sugar analysis to stop the blood cells from consuming some of the sugar and thus give the impression that the patient was very sick, with an extremely low blood sugar!

Finally the idea that deposited fat would affect the efficacy of insulin and the level of sugars in one's blood, is as far-fetched as the notion that inert sugar was doing all the diabetic damage and mayhem! But of course all you have to do is briefly consider the "Frank Russo Diabetic Cure", and you'll realize the obvious answer, namely that very fat people do not as a general rule get to their high fatty body weight by eating nice, healthy, unsaturated foods - usually quite the contrary... people that become grossly overweight usually consume a multitude of rubbish-foods and junk-foods and that is the reason why they are both fat and diabetics! Plus as a general rule, the bigger the frame and bodyweight, the bigger the sugar requirements which tends to increase the production of H+ ions - and if there are no unsaturated double bonds to mop them up, you of course have diabetes1

Frank Pio Russo.