A simple observation on the Michelson-Morley.

Frank Russo - May 15, 2010. (Revised May 16, 2010)

A very simple observation, is that the rotation of arms of the Michelson -Morley does not cause the photons already in transit to rotate across to the other position. 'They' would of course veer off in their original trajectories. Hence every-time you rotate the arms, the process starts from the origin and through the away arms... it is therefore clear that the return arms are only there to complete the process.

It is obvious when actually considered, that it is the starting 'away' arms that always get rotated, and it follows that the arms must add up properly. One fact I failed to mention the other day is that the orbital segment of  9.078076718 m when tallied up as part of the return perpendicular would actually end up along the hypotenuse... hence its truly perpendicular equivalent would be  about  8.938,438,71 m. The equivalent return perpendicular arm would be the latter number plus the  0.139638001 m and the 1.752722466 m mentioned the other day, giving a total true perpendicular arm of  10.83079918 m.

In conclusion then, my complete Michelson-Morley package works whichever way you look at it - whether algebraically or otherwise! It's been a real pleasure working on the problem off and on over the preceding 23 years.

Frank Russo.

P.S. - One way of looking at it, is that an instantaneous swapping of arms is always dealing with the full arms... the reduction in orbital return arm is a time induced process.


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