How to shake-off a mental health accusation !


Some historical information by Agnese:


(NB: The names used are fictional for obvious reasons... and any similarity to real people is purely accidental and unintentional.)


Some children take up after their benign father whilst others take after their malignant mother… well Vincenzo certainly took after his mother Filomena!


After Giovanna had gone childless for many years, she finally had 2 young children. During World War 2 she had been jailed, because Vincenzo’s mother had urged  her husband Antonio to dob her in to the Carabinieri for hiding some food away – no doubt she had wanted some provisions with which to feed her young baby(s). She was jailed and became extremely stressed at not knowing what was happening to her young 2 babies (after having gone through 5 miscarriages to get them).


As a result she escaped and hanged around the country-side: all she had to do was wait till the end of the war. However a lawyer family friend told her family that it would be better to give herself up – which she did. This was horrible because she got put in high security and told she’d never see her babies again! Hence she had a little breakdown from all the on-going stress. (By the way: the hypocrite brother-in-law Antonio got himself also caught for hoarding food away from the army)


Well the war finished and Giovanna had recovered, when Vincenzo kept getting his dog “Cavaliere” to attack little Liberato… so much so that the latter had a gash on his chest… this incensed Giovannina, and she gave Vincenzo a “passata” with weeping willows on his legs. The big cry-baby made a big fuss, and his mother had Giovannina before the authorities trying to get her locked-up as insane! Apparently the Judge or Maresciallo agreed with them! But as they were going to take the ultra-intelligent - of genius IQ – Giovannina away, she called out to the judge: “But Signor Giudice, if it had been done to a son of yours – what would you have done ?”


The judge reflected for a few seconds and then said: “Let this woman go! … She’s not crazy at all… you’re free to go! “


The moral of this true story, is that dishonest people will take advantage of anybody’s unclear mental status if they can, simply because sometimes some mud actually sticks.


An extremely lucid elucidation by Agnese.


Anonymously contributed.


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