See your doctor before seeing a dentist!

Frank Russo - April 14, 2010

If you have some pain in a tooth, it may seem like the natural thing to do to just go and see a dentist. Most people just simply assume this is what they should do... however my experience tells me this is not always the best course of action that is open to you.

On the one hand dentists cannot really work on an infected tooth, and on the other hand they do not usually like to send patients away to the chemists for a course of antibiotics such as Amoxycillin. So what they have often tended to do in the past, is simply to tap the affected tooth to illustrate the severity of the pain to the patient, and then suggest extraction. However if you first go to the doctor and treat the infection... the dentist may see your tooth in a different light! He then need not feel that he has to waste one of his appointments by sending you away nor does he have to schedule an extraction to restructure his time-table.

Also, sometimes you may bring a cessation of symptoms by just simply toning down the amount of some offending substance that one may drink... e.g. coffee... - perhaps just changing the brand to one that's not as strong or may not have the same 'additives' - might do the trick.

This common-sense approach may actually also benefit your 'pocket', because your visit to the doctor is currently covered by Medicare whereas the one to your dentist is not.

Frank Russo.

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