RUSSO RELATIVITY: how is it different to Einstein's version?

Frank Pio Russo - February 03, 2013. (Revised February 06, 2013)

Abstract: I've been formulating a relativity that's different to Einstein's, for about 25 years... a package is very important to the growth of new ideas and I here reference some of the various aspects of Russo Relativity and how it differs from Einstein's formulations.


Theories are usually replaced as time progresses and new developments take place. My theory of relativity or "Russo Relativity", developed as a result of seeing that it was time to move on from subjective fudge-factors and establish the absolute realities!

I therefore have an absolute speed of light - measured through stellar aberration - of 304,475,873.2 m/sec [1]as opposed to the experimental speed of 299,792,458 m/sec [2]which we tend to measure, (see ): the latter is a sort of "average" speed, though this is not strictly speaking true because the universe is anisotropic, and as such one's got a slow speed for a slightly longer duration in one direction, as opposed to a faster speed for a shorter duration [3] going the other way!

In Russo Relativity there is a universal time concept, though "time delays" do affect local perception (see ) [4]... however there is no time travel of any sort (see ), and the Michelson-Morley is balanced through logical and rational thinking (see ). Also a distinction is made between aberrant simultaneity and simple visual anomalies (see ).

A theory usually needs a name for people to identify it... a package for conveying the ideas. It would be unrealistic not to retain the word "relativity" for this is what the theory is all about: the inter-relationships between moving frames and an absolute frame to which one references things such as motion and time. The inclusion of my surname is also rather obvious as I am the author of it. I began in 1987 on the centenary of the Michelson-Morley, by sending articles all over the world to a great deal of the scientific journals, (see )... so Russo Relativity began in 1987, an exact century after the Michelson-Morley of 1887, and has been going for about 25 years with the website getting about 200 visits per day at the moment.

In conclusion then, I hope that "Russo Relativity" will go on gaining in ascendancy... Yes! Russo Relativity is dealing with the realities of our universe, and unlike Einstein's concepts is not fantasy or science fiction!

Frank Russo (Author of "Russo Relativity").

PS - The fact that Einstein does not "own" the term "relativity", is shown by the fact that Henri Poincare referred to the "principle of relativity" way back in 1904... before Einstein did his own version!


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