How the "Frank Russo Diabetes Cure" sheds some light on why a lengthy starvation on a very low calorie diet can reverse diabetes.

Frank Pio Russo - September 17, 2018.

Apparently quite a number of people have embarked on extreme dieting on a very low calorie diet to rid themselves of diabetes and their explanation is that the starvation unclogs the pancreas of fat and gets the insulin flowing again!

This phenomenon of curing one's diabetes through starvation is nothing new! I commented on it way back in 2010 !

And it's good that PM Morrison has announced a royal commission into aged care, because my father was treated very badly in his nursing home and that was why he ended up losing his diabetes. I think that if one wants to replicate an austere existence reminiscent of Nazi concentration camps, sure you might lose your diabetes, but you'll also give your body a very stressful existence for a while, and such a shock may actually reduce your life expectancy rather than lengthen it!

Anyway it's quite easy to explain this phenomenon in the light of my "Frank Russo Diabetes Cure" ! Naturally with a severe limitation of nutrient for 11 days, the body would starve itself of most nutrients, hence the liver would now find it impossible to intervene and pump an avalanche of sugars into the circulation - what would it synthesize them with when all the reserves of nutrients had been exhausted?

I of course feel that such an intense starvation can be very damaging, and if one does not learn about the principles on which my cure is based, he will of course regain his diabetes again at a future time, especially if he retains everybody's fallacious idea that one should abstain from sugar and most carbohydrates - remember his liver is going to eventually recover from the starvation, and is going to be able to intervene once more if the body's energy currency - i.e. the sugar - is depleted in the body!

Frank Pio Russo.


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