Why revealing massive secrets is no longer troublesome for me!

Frank Pio Russo - October 6, 2017.

Throughout history there have always been Jews and others, ready to steal everybody's discoveries - with their money and cunningness... no wonder some people have argued that the Nobel Foundation is a special Jewish Club! I'll never understand why a real genius like Nikola Tesla couldn't win a Nobel prize, and yet a moron like Einstein has all these halfwits trying to constantly reward anybody that even remotely looks like backing him up, in some stupid way!

That sort of thing no longer worries me... these people's glory is very ephemeral in the eternal scheme of things! Eventually it will be possible for us the living, to actually observe "10 to the 24" billions of years for every second of motivation, that these evil thieves have had, and true justice will be seen to be done by everybody, and there will be no arguments with any judgement passed.

A cultured friend today complained, saying that I have been revealing far too much (and he's not the first one to have said that)! However, one's got to appreciate that causality is generated from the infinitesimal lower realms, through the Force! Sure one could imagine discovering a magical substance that would impart everlasting life... however the truth would be that causality does not necessarily follow our rules... it might actually cause the flesh to rot on an evildoer who imagines he has struck it rich!!

So in conclusion, I feel quite at ease at having made some of my revelations, which most secret societies would endeavour to possess as their special properties... MAY THE FORCE BE VINDICATED!

Frank Pio Russo.






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