How the resurrection of my destroyed hip is progressing: it can only be described as beyond the miraculous!

Frank Pio Russo - October 2, 2018.


 As you can see in the above picture, my physical youth shows through despite my very old chronological age of close to 65 and a greyish beard. The reason for this, being the fact that I equilibrated my endocrinological system, and since then not only haven't I been ageing, but I do not need to sleep, nor do I have any audible heartbeat of any kind! (Plus I do not have a droopy lower left testicle, like every other man on the planet - mine are level and balanced!).

However I was being let down by my left hip, which received a diagnosis of "avascular necrosis" in 2004 after a minor fall from a ladder, and had been progressively getting worse, culminating with me becoming bedridden for 24 hours of the day, up till early September 2018 (this year).

However I never gave up my search for a cure for diabetes, because I was sure that if I cured my diabetes, the hip would come good as well! Therefore when I recently fully implemented my new diabetes cure at the start of last month (i.e. September), I was not surprised that within 2 weeks I was out of bed and walking around with a walking stick! And now after one full month I can get around even without the walking stick a lot of the time... so it's not only my eyes that have gone beyond the miraculous but also my hip! Not to mention my feet that used to ache constantly and unbearably so, and which are now virtually pain free!

I must say that it is rather obvious that these remarkable happenings are taking place extremely fast indeed! This is rendered obvious by the fact that despite how far I've come with my hip lately, if I were to sit down for about an hour in the same spot, when I get up I have very severe pain in the left hip - so it's still early days!

In conclusion, I did see a link between most diseases some 18 years ago, and realized that the link revolved around the amount of sugar that we had in our various tissues!

I hope that I can bring an end to a lot of the miserable suffering that mankind has been experiencing!

Frank Pio Russo.



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