'Reddit' - never seen such moronic, imbecilic and stupid  gutter people!

Ben Scott

They are so devoid of any intelligence that they haven't even heard of the link between testosterone and violence! Such retards!

The stupid 'woman' - (called "Littlespoon"... obviously hinting at the amount of grey matter that she possesses!) - who starts it all off with a lot of abuse, calling Frank a "complete nutter", most obviously likes being "screwed" by very virile men, that are full of testosterone - in the vain hope that she might experience an orgasm of some sort! And yet, she's totally ignorant that the hormone that gives men lots of sexual energy, also predisposes them to being violent!

Such gutter people, are also too stupid to realize that lots and lots of 'locals', are finding the going very tough, with our extremely high cost of living - with many Australian children living in poverty! Why would one want to add to the misery, by bringing in all sorts of people that are going to linger at the bottom, with the dregs of society?!

They also keep speaking out of their "anus", going on to accuse Frank of having been a refugee himself! Such rubbishy idiocy! Frank had to go for a Medical by an Australian Doctor in Naples, with the latter becoming aware, that Frank was indeed very special and a physiological marvel! Yes! Australia was very keen to have him! He was then also given all the proper vaccinations... whereas many of these boat-people flocking to Australia illegally, have all sorts of infective maladies such as tuberculosis etc.

I suspect that a lot of these "Reddit" morons, might simply be some unemployable immature youths - still wet behind their ears! All they know is to go around trying to pick fights with everybody, and criticizing everything... e.g. they have a go at Frank's website trying to ridicule its style, probably because all they've been exposed to is the latest "Wordpress" style (?)... if they had any sense they'd realize that with a chronology of articles going way back to 1981, such a website has been around for quite a while! (Since 1999!).

Well they also criticize the comment to do with homosexuals, and the Satanic law of reversal. What they're oblivious to, is the fact that people had been asked to lay-out all their objections on the table, before the eventual vote, and once the majority decision was arrived at - "forever hold their piece!". As far as myself is concerned, it's a free country! And if people are deranged enough, to shove their most delicate and sensitive member, into some sort of shit-hole, go ahead behave like some sort of savage animal - who am I to care about your lack of decent morality!

In conclusion, I'm very much of the old school - much like Frank - and I believe in being truthful and rational, rather then obeying some unspoken satanic code such as all that "PC" rubbish that all these morons blindly follow!

Ben Scott.

Ps. - As far as "Frank Pio Russo" goes, he doesn't see any need to retaliate in kind towards such illiterate 'fuckwits', as he considers such 'spastics', as totally inconsequential in the overall scheme of things! All he did about it - round about a year or so ago - was to log on their Reddit website, and simply slightly correct some of their misguided comments! I guess Frank is a sort of "untouchable" individual... who's going to have enough authority to actually criticize him? Certainly not these Reddit cretins, whose mothers were probably too dumb to have enough thyroxin, through their pregnancies!

With Frank's mega-brain, and the reputed highest IQ in the history of our planet, I think all those Reddit imbeciles, should feel very embarrassed about what they did! If it was me, I would hide my face in shame! I guess it took great self-control, for Frank not to go on the counter-attack, especially seeing that he had his own very popular website, and could have struck a big blow against these retarded morons, who seem to have zero comprehension! Actually from memory, I think he just put one or two lines on his website, saying that these Reddit people didn't understand that his "former" political aspirations had been purely temporary, as he realized that the 'shitty' local media, worshipped Xenophon, and thought the sun shone out of his anus!... Plus I doubt they knew the meaning on the word "former", otherwise they probably might have ignored Frank!

I mean all the demonic and satanic media just keeps ignoring him, despite him being possibly the greatest scientist of all time! The Advertiser does, and so do all the TV channels... only the local Messenger Press gave him some attention about 20 years ago! Well I've told Frank that when he hits the BIG TIME, he should just ignore all these local media "no-bodies", and perhaps just announce that "Yes! I do buy the occasional Advertiser, but only to wipe my anus of all the shit - after all it would not be out of place, with all the shit that that paper constantly puts out!"

Personally, I'm very different to Frank in this regard - I actually wish that I was a gigantic dragon of some sort, and could breathe some fire and sulphur on all these demonic acolytes! And I certainly wouldn't have given any Rain-Making Project, which was a laborious masterpiece of many years' research, to those bastards! I recall how these bastards, refused to give Frank anything for it, whilst they had given $10 million dollars for bogus, rubbishy, Russian rain-research!

Well do you really need to wonder why there's been so much drought in this bastard Australian continent? Yes... of course not! ! And the Advertiser had been shown how Frank had filled the reservoirs for 2 years in a row, with water overflowing everywhere! He actually used to ring those moronic journalists, whenever he was activating his rain project, and they were able to experience the process of the oncoming generated rain, first-hand! Well the government thought they were stealing a trillion dollar project for ZERO dollars, and were rubbing their hands with glee!

However, Frank had been keen to give it to them, because he was moved by the plight of the local fauna and flora, in that dry and inclement environment. All he was really asking was to be able to supervise his own project! Well the jealous CSIRO took forever to evaluate it, after being ordered by Christopher Pyne to do so (?)! And Frank was advised to publish it on his website, because it appeared that the CSIRO had no intention of reviewing it, but perhaps was manoeuvring things so as to position themselves to steal it!

Well I guess many of these politicians might be atheists, or agnostics... and even if they do believe in some sort of a God, it's a very distant and removed God, and one that presumably does not affect humans here on Earth. Well some of you might have heard of the diabolical and evil Queen Jezebel, and how she was constantly after the great prophet Elijah, being herself probably the top ticket holder of the local major Baal religion! Well the Force is very powerful and killed many of the Baal- prophets! Plus from memory, I think that heaven was shut down for something like three and a half years... yes apparently it didn't rain for that long!

Well, I can think of another pagan queen who's been in charge of a paedophile, gay, religious, empire, and has similarly pursued a modern man of God, with her miniature spy guard-dogs! Is there any wonder that some of these countries, and the world in general, are a sort of disaster zone - these days?! Well they can't blame Frank, because he's not all that vindictive! However he has warned all these local morons, that are devoid of any IQ, that it's not us at our level that control things! Any causality at our level is purely accidental or meant to mislead: we actually control "fuck-all"! All causality at our level is generated from the lower or Quantum World! So whilst Frank - these days - couldn't care less about having been persecuted, and pursued by all those fake mental health spies, and also having been pumped with all sorts of dangerous drugs, there is the very fast and reactive Quantum World - with all its cosmic rays - and it's these that would have decided, not to continue to allow my stolen rain project, to continue to work in the new hands of "thieves"!

Anyway, the top quality of the Force, is not what all these homosexual leaders of the church of England, claim it is... namely love! Bur rather it's JUSTICE and not love! And even if it had been love, all those moronic, religious, gay-leaders, are still totally stupid, because it would certainly not be EROS - or erotic sexual love - but it would be AGAPE or principle love! What does the latter mean? Well it certainly doesn't mean that you ignore their sins and and cover them with your love (?) But quite the opposite, it actually means that you take the trouble to actually warn them, and give them a chance to repent, such that when the impending destruction does come, they've got nobody to blame but themselves!

Ps2 - If I had to guess, I would say that the only reason Jezebel is still alive, is because when Frank was only 13 years of age, he really admired a lot of her pictures a great deal! Anyway presumably the local God might currently be Satan, and he's got a very bad habit of often punishing the  subjects - (often en masse) - instead of their ruler! I guess possibly because, it's them that choose to retain the individual with their support, and that makes them responsible for everything their ruler does! This was often the case in ancient Israel - e.g. the episode to do with the Census... it was ordered by King David, but it was the people that suffered because of it - in the thousands!

Ben Scott.

On domestic violence

Well to put it simply, many women are very fascinated by violent and domineering men, and feel a need to allow themselves to be dominated and controlled by them! So it stands to reason that they should end-up reaping what they sow . Yes there's no doubt about it, most women want their men as aggressive and tough and often want them to stand up to other unwanted male attention trough making them jealous, whereas personally if a women has eyes for other men, she should be given a wide berth.

On Gay Marriage:

Satanic law of "reversal" behind the gay marriage success.

On Refugees:

If those illegal vermin were realistic, they would pick a lower order country where the cost of living is not as high as Australia, and where they might be actually welcoming refugees… e.g. this is happening with Uganda which is currently welcoming refugees en masse from South Sudan.

There are more, if you care to peruse his blog =/