Reassessing the side-effects of MSM megadoses.

Frank Pio Russo - June 19 2018.

Acknowledging the fact that what I had perceived as an episode of parkinsonism, may have actually simply been an instance of hypoglycaemia with all the tremors being due to low sugars rather than the high MSM concentration.

When you know that megadoses of MSM can convert you from a total cripple into a virtually normal person, the temptation is always there to explore all the possibilities. So today I have taken 24 tea-spoons of MSM and I have felt much better with my hip.

The fear with parkinsonism was of course the fact that the symptoms may have become permanent, and then one would be "stuffed"! Nevertheless it's sill a very bad thing to be stuck between a rock and a hard place: on the one hand one's got a painful hip, and by taking high doses of MSM one risks ulcers between the webbing of the fingers.

Finally, one would assume that at some stage the amount of sulphur in one's body would become adequate and one could reduce the amount of MSM that he injests.

Frank Pio Russo.



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