What migration at 190,000 per year really means!

June 27, 2017


Politicians – I often surmise – must be a very stupid and unintelligent lot: what’s so hard about working out that the more people you bring into Australia, the smaller  our individual portion of our country - that we own – becomes!


Obviously as another year ticks by, our collective worth has to be divided by an extra 190,000 people, thus making everybody’s share much smaller – it’s just basic plain common sense which unfortunately many people lack!


Why all the hurry in developing every little corner of our country – hasn’t anybody realized that many things left undeveloped can make massive gains in appreciation – to give you an example many migrants made a ‘killing’ by simply buying some land and ‘sitting’ on it!


The only setback that I can see, is that other countries that have had high seminal emissions and bred like rabbits, will covet our land and would like to invidiously come and take over… ( and oddly enough it’s mainly Indians and Chinese that have been flocking here). We should not be in a hurry to develop everything, nor should we sell massive portions of our land like we’ve done to Qatar… it should all be preserved as a heritage for our descendants.


That’s where globalization is bad… people cry out about the lack of wage growth: well the downward slide is not going to stop till your wage and that of those in the Bangladesh slums becomes comparable. Yes! Trump has the right idea “USA first!”… likewise we should have a policy of Australia first and tell the rest of the world to metaphorically “get stuffed!”.


Frank Pio Russo.   www.frankrusso.net