More on the purported expansion of the universe.

Frank Russo - February 08, 2013. (Revised Feb. 09, 2013).

Abstract : Exploring further the fact that the transverse motion of stars can cause the red-shift of starlight's wavelength... this can in turn give an exaggerated distance for the particular stars which would not match the luminosity of supernovas. The foregoing has led astronomers to erroneously assume that the universe is expanding with acceleration.

According to the experts our universe was decelerating in its early history due to the effects of gravity, and then much later as the gravity grasp weakened, it began to accelerate... not being an astronomer I had to digest some of the facts involved.

Apparently all the distant objects are measured according to the red-shift of their light's wavelength... and the standard candle that is used is a particular type of supernova... the problem is of course that these distant supernovas are very much dimmer than expected hence the purported accelerating expansion! However, I have shown in the past that transverse motion to the direction of the light of stars, gives red-shifted light (see ), hence this in itself simply implies that the stars are moving in a sort of not quite tangential motion to us, rather than accelerating away! This being because we would be receiving the light along the hypotenuse of the triangle which has the velocity on one side and the c-aberration value on the other: of course the light would be "inflated"!

As for closer stars where the actual distance is measured through parallax, one can get the impression that the universe was decelerating simply because one finds that the stars actually do the opposite... they don't dim as much! This is because we tend to overestimate the distance in light years because of using the experimental speed of light instead of the aberration one [1]: that is 299,792,458 m/sec instead of 304,475,873.2 m/sec.

In conclusion then, I am not convinced that the universe is expanding let alone accelerating! Although it is possible I guess, that our universe might be a macro-atom of sorts, and it is quite feasible that it could be expanding as a result of 'someone' or 'something' applying some heat from the next macro-world up!

Frank Russo.

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[1] Russo F.P.(1995) Analysis of Stellar Aberration yields the ‘real’ speed of Light. Speculations in Science and Technology,18, 200- 204.

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