In what sense could psychiatrists be viewed as being in the service of the 'Darkness'? And why is it useful to have some psychiatry knowledge?

Frank Pio Russo - December 11, 2018.

A lot of psychiatrists are no more than a very plain psychologist or analyst, using very little medical knowledge! As one of them once explained - "I chose psychiatry so as to not get my hands dirty, and avoid all that 'blood and guts'! "

Well I wouldn't normally object to that sort of behaviour, except for when it's accompanied with very excessive remuneration! Obviously the latter is inappropriate, if the so called psychiatrist is very self-effacing, simply sitting the patient down on a couch and letting him rave on about everything that's bothering him, or just simply happening in his life!

This is an insult to my intelligence, and is reminiscent of how I have - in the past - objected to dentists carrying-out a lot of procedures that should have been left to plain technicians, without the ludicrous fees! Eventually the authorities saw the sense in what I was suggesting, and there was some progress in that area - with many dental hygienists taking over a lot of the work.

Of course there are many psychiatrists that I do have a lot of respect for. One type is the one that specializes in insurance claims, as this requires a great deal of skill so as to sort out all the fake and fraudulent claims. This sort of psychiatrist has to have his faculties totally engaged at all time, as a couple of loose thoughts or a few ambiguous words, could be the difference between a massive payout or 'no case to answer'! The degree of difficulty in this regard, is further multiplied by the fact that one would be dealing with a constant 'revolving door' of new patients, with new problems and new issues! One would never become complacent and feel that he had a cushy job - as happens in many private practices - where the psychiatrist knows most of his patients and all their problems and issues, off by heart! Obviously in the latter case, the 'specialist Dr' or psychiatrist, can cruise along almost in "auto-pilot" mode! Much, much easier than what the insurance specialist has to endure!

You might now be anxiously wanting to know, in what way could these medical officers be viewed as being "in the service of the 'Darkness' "? Well no doubt you'd be aware that since the dawn of civilization, people have speculated about the coming of an "agent of the True Unknown God" - (as the Gnostics called him) - who would engender the fall and destruction of the evil powers that have been running this system! Some have called this individual "a Golden Child", others the "Christ" or "Messiah", and another similar term is "Krishna". Naturally this individual would be full of the Force within himself, and would not need to hear demonic instructions, like it happens with most schizophrenics... no not at all, because he'd be full of 10 to the minus 40 'gnomes' living  in his atoms!

In view of the foregoing, it becomes obvious as to why there are so many schizophrenics and bipolars around.. they're obviously a sort of smokescreen - (or red herring) - to confuse the issue, and render the identification of the so called "son of man" virtually impossible! Naturally then, the psychiatrists can be viewed as being in the service of the Darkness, as a direct consequence of the type of work they carry out! They go ahead and indentify any Messiah-like complex, and pump such cases with all sorts of drugs, to make their ideation disappear, and let the evil Satan and his Demons, rest a bit more easily!

However to everybody's surprise, here was I in 1981 in great mental and physical health, raving about my different physiology and how my research could cure many severe ailments! Well you can imagine Satan's surprise at this development, especially because I had no real religious ambitions - it was purely and wholly a scientific project! However the greed and evil of some of the satanic earthly intermediaries had huge dimensions, and the many pharmaceutical entities saw their profits being threatened - especially their cancer drugs - as I seemed intent on curing many illnesses. Roche Pharmaceuticals was so concerned, that they sent the daughter of one of their top executives, to investigate me at the IMVS! She was a 5th year medical student - (in 1981) - from the University of Rome, and her name was Adriana.

A couple of decades after that year of 1981, I tracked down this Jewish friend who had been working for the Advertiser at the time, and this is how he recalled our friendship: he said "Oh yeah I remember you, you're the one that Roche was trying to kill in 1981!"... now in 1981 he had hinted that he was possibly a Mossad (or CIA) agent, claiming that he could walk into any security spy network, because of his rare good Arabic knowledge, and knowing a total of six languages. I obviously concluded that the reason we had been such close friends - even going to restaurants like "the Prince Room" - was so that he could monitor and protect me from those Roche bastards!

Well I ended-up getting drugged with LSD at the end of that year, and the IMVS bastards told the hospital that they should  place me on very powerful and addictive tranquillizers... thus making sure that I would end-up feeling constantly very ill, such that I would eventually retire from work and become a total "nobody!". However all those bastards had a very unpleasant surprise in store for them! Had they left me alone and continuing to work in Clinical Chemistry at the IMVS, I would have been far too busy with routine testing and pathology, to pursue a massive career in science... so really they shot themselves in their foot!

I now had all the time in the world, to pursue and investigate all sorts of scientific research! And when my GP discovered in 2002 that I had no heartbeat, well all the spies of the world started interacting with me! They managed to hospitalize me into some sort of bogus spy ward in round about October 2002... it was some sort of United Nations operation with a Canadian in charge, and a US very tall black man who seemed to be 2nd in command... and besides them there were many who had the Queen's diction when they spoke - that gave them away as MI6 agents!

Furthermore, supposedly we were in South Australia, and yet all the extremely good food that we were consuming, was a far cry from normal hospital rubbish! And interestingly I noticed that it had the expiry date stamped in the US format, with the month first and the day of the month second, followed by the year of course! Now one could accept  this fact if that hospital was being supplied with food that was meant for exporting to the US... however that was an unrealistic proposition!

I managed to escape those bastards' clutches, and most of the experimental drugs they had prepared for me, by appealing to the Australian Democrats through the hospital payphone. However the bastards kept destabilizing me, as has been mentioned in other articles. Now to conclude, I must explain why a bit of psychiatry knowledge can be very useful. I had learnt a fair bit of such knowledge from a very good book, which I think was called "Review of Modern Psychiatry" - my motives had been to learn a fair bit about sleeping disorders as opposed to mental illnesses.

I always knew the fake mental health authorities would eventually come for me again, and sure enough they did sometimes in 2004. This bogus psychiatrist - supposedly from ACIS - with a Greek name called on my place with 2 of the most beautiful women I had ever seen - obviously to get me to lower my guard! One of those women - (who were young psychiatrists or perhaps still studying) - was called Camilla. They were both Chinese and I thought they were as good as any supermodel in the world. Anyway, the Dr claimed that a Doctor of mine, had asked him to call on me. He went on to claim that I sounded confused. I showed him some of my research and the urinary collections of 11 litres per day, and then sprang a psychiatry test on him, as I was sure he had no MBBS nor any official ANZCP affiliation.

I asked him what the standard of psychiatric medications was, and how they all inter-converted into each other. Well he was totally ignorant, and had no idea as to what I was talking about! The standard of course was 100 mg of chlorpromazine and all the other neuroleptics were expressed as the equivalents to that dose. After he left I rang one of my doctors - the Dr he'd mentioned - and he assured me that he had not asked any psychiatrist to call on me!

In conclusion, I knew that was not the end of the matter, as the bastard spies were desperate to pump me full of experimental drugs! Little did they know that the morons were signing their own death warrant for Gehenna - (2nd death) - as I would have no hesitation in permanently terminating any bastard who had given me a hard time, when I would one day be empowered by the Force with full authority! Meanwhile I had to be very careful for any clandestine attempt to 'kidnap' me, on behalf of these fake mental authorities that were controlled by spies. I recall how I even turned down an invitation, by this girl who had scored a perfect score for Matriculation - simply because I feared these bastard spies were lurking in every shadow and constantly after me!

Frank Pio Russo.






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