From: Frank Pio Russo []
Sent: March 10, 2017 12:30 AM
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Subject: Putting the "taxi drivers' industry" into a proper perspective.


Putting the "taxi drivers’ industry" into a proper perspective.


The taxi industry has seen some turmoil as of late especially in Victoria, where some licences are being repurchased back by the government at much reduced prices, with many tempers becoming very frayed!


Well I think that such things are a natural consequence of progress… it’s the price one must pay for being in the computer age and also in the 21st century! I think the technology is there for everybody’s benefit and not just for Huber… good luck to them if they can make it work for them at the expense of the antiquated taxi industry’s outdated practices!


Why is there all this anger and sometimes violence? Haven’t they seen the value of many newspapers plummet - just like the value of TV licences? Should people missing out on advertising dollars because of online advertising, march onto Parliament House and start bashing their opponents up?! Of course not! Then of course there was all the resentment of the many store with a physical presence that were too slow to mobilize their business digitally… it didn’t do them much good to continue to grizzle and complain: they obviously had to take the plunge and get involved digitally as well!


One must take the hand that progress gives him in his stride. To give you one example - my father was well off before World War 2 - lending money and charging interest to his ‘paesani’… however this all changed after the war when his money was devalued by a factor of 1000, and became virtually worthless! Following this he channelled his energy towards purchasing a fair bit of land, and providence had all the folks abandoning the land and flocking to the cities. Yet all this did not faze him… he retained his perfect demeanour!


So as far as I see it: all these angry and somewhat violent Taxi drivers should put all their experiences into a proper perspective and cool their heels!


Frank Pio Russo.