Progress thus far with the implementation of the "Frank Russo diabetes cure" as the lower end of the glucose level now appears well regulated.

Frank Pio Russo - September 27 2018.

My new diabetes cure has only been fully operative for close to 4 weeks, although some of its principles would have entered my methodology for dealing with the illness, perhaps somewhat earlier than that.

Of course you've seen the miraculous gains in vision despite a high glycated HBA1c of 8.6 %, i.e. after only 45 days from previous eye testing, the right eye went from 6/19 to 6/9, (in other words I can now see from twice as far away, a bit bigger than what I could see before at less than half the distance!) And even my perfect left eye improved from a perfect 6/6 to an extraordinary 6/4.5 !

The other main observation is that the sugar level is now very predictive, in other words it always does what you want and expect it to do. Whilst before enacting my cure, the sugar level was like an Aussie rule or rugby oval-shaped football, with a very unpredictable bounce such that you never knew where the level was going to end-up! Well now it's like dealing with a nice round soccer-ball, and you can always infer what is going to happen to the sugar level, according to what foods or exercising you're doing, and whether you 're taking some insulin or some other medication or not.

Furthermore, all the regular drops in blood sugar levels with their often dangerous hypos, have disappeared, and it now looks as if the body can regulate the lower end of the sugar level! Meaning of course that the approximately 4 slices of Helga bread per day, plus some carbohydrate mainly in the mid-day meal, are maintaining the level steady with a constant conversion into glucose constantly ticking away. Plus we can also hope that the liver might now be somewhat more helpful, with some contributing of glucose when the level gets a bit low, rather than the avalanche of sugars it was dumping before when I was abstaining from most sugars and carbohydrates!

As for higher levels of sugar and insulin activity, my very knowledgeable friend Christine assures me that pancreases can regenerate! However for the time being I do take about 25 units of insulin with most meals, with a slight exception here and there to test the body's insulin capabilities.

In conclusion my diabetes cure is indeed very good, with thus far many positive advantages and nothing at all that could possibly be considered negative in any way!

Frank Pio Russo.


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