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Sent: Friday, 28 October 2016 6:54 PM
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Subject: Why the price of electricity should be slashed by an astronomical amount!


Why the price of electricity should be slashed by an astronomical amount!


Many years ago the leftist Labour state government of South Australia, bankrupted our state with its State Bank disaster… the conservative Liberal party that came next had no choice but to sell some assets, such as the Electricity Trust of South Australia.


It was purchased by some Hong Kong millionaire and has recently become the SA Power Network : it was considered a gold-mine reaping billions in profit… and even more so in recent years when it’s been “gold-plating” all the poles and wires that it owns, and forcing the public to cough up all these massive exorbitant increases! Just recently a tiny slight bit of restraint has been applied by the regulator, and the company decided to appeal – this was knocked back today – perhaps it might go to the federal court next!


What I want to see, is such greedy people go broke! Rather than the regulator granting increases to them, he should slash the price of electricity by an astronomical amount! The time has come when just about everybody has their own photovoltaic system on their roofs - and with the advent of cheap batteries soon coming on board – these power vultures should be given their comeuppance!


What happened when technology brought in mobile phones in a similar way to how we all now almost have ‘mobile power’? Well the price for using a phone became very cheap! Likewise as technology changed the world of news with the internet - where just about everybody can now be a roving reporter with a mobile and youtube - well media organizations have become totally devalued, and newspaper and TV licences are worth very little these days!


Yes! As Bob Dylan said “the times they are a changin” in 1964… I would really enjoy seeing such greedy bastards see their gold- mine totally devalued and devastated… perhaps all these people that have smashed their cars into their stobie-electricity-poles should sue and thus knock them down in size even a bit further!


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