Australia's Emissions possibly the Lowest!


Frank Russo -December 11 2009.

Australia's land area is comparable to China and the United States yet by comparison we put out very little pollution!

Almost 10 years ago I communicated the fact that our land area should be considered when talking about "emissions", to Di of Senator Hill's office... they were very interested.

If breeding like rabbits in a similar way to two very crowded countries (India and China), is all it takes to usurp the world's resources, then this world is very UNFAIR! Countries that keep the results from their seminal "emissions" low, should be rewarded for not allowing their pollution to mushroom! The ignorance of countries that allow their population to get out of control is astounding... and then they expect the rest of the world that's breeding sensibly to rescue them!

Anyway CO2 is not the problem... the sun has cooled remarkably and as a result the thermosphere is releasing all this water vapour to us below... as it condenses it releases 540 calories per gram ... this is why our temperature is going up and our ice is melting in compensation!

Sure, pollution has to be stopped, but pollution rather than CO2, with the latter being essential for life... our bodies regulate for CO2 rather than oxygen and as such CO2 is more important! And our plants need CO2 for photosynthesis which is also essential for life on this planet.

The herd mentality about the dangers of CO2 is constantly insulting my intelligence... such ridiculous stupidity! There's room for a lot more CO2 without incurring any ill-effects for our planet!

Frank Russo.





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