A point worth making on the Michelson-Morley.

Frank Russo - April 22, 2008.

One must realize that the recently mentioned speed of 49,272,606.19 does not replace the orbital speed of 53,198,115.45 km/sec, but rather, it would only apply to how light attempts to bridge the distance that the mirror has moved forward.

In other words, the 0.166598191m that the mirror does not need to travel is still there incorporated at the start as origin movement in calculating the 12.92192328 m which is derived from the stationary 10.66420099 m. This  means that it would be incorporated in the arm length as a result of light advancing forward by travelling an absolute length of 11metres as opposed to the relative 10.83079918 metres: This advance being of course of the same length per second namely 4,683,415.2 m/sec.

Hence the "trick" is to be able to juggle the respective relative motions, as one must remember that time does not exist but is simply the numerical value of one distance divided by another: obviously the result would be expressed in seconds if one defines the denominator as one second.

Frank Russo.

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