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Sent: Thursday, 29 September 2016 1:31 PM
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Subject: Plane crash investigations: dragged on forever ! (?)


Plane crash investigations: dragged on forever ! (?)


The bloody Australian government is always ready to get its chequebook out and throw money at worthless cases in favour of foreigners… e.g. Turnbull gave 10 million dollars for useless rain research by the Russians - and yet I haven’t even received a single cent! And so many millions after millions have been wasted in useless investigations chasing two Malaysian plane accidents?


In the first case, why wasn’t it left to Malaysia or better still to China - seeing most of the passengers were Chinese… why did bloody Australia even had to stick its f-cking nose into that affair ? Oh no… Abbott had to try and impress the foreigners with our largesse, when it was borrowed money he was using anyway (from the Chines of all people !! Utterly ridiculous!)


And as for the second bloody incident… it makes me so furious… all this nonsense about pursuing criminal charges… Bishop should stop with such nonsense - which she’s now been spouting for years! The real criminals were the Malaysian Airlines for sending their plane in a war zone… the only people that should be suing are the Russian/rebels for having had their expensive missile wasted on joy-riding tourists instead of their real target: the Ukrainians!